What is your washing routine?

I wash every 2nd or 3rd day as needed with gentle or sulfate free poo (aveda sap moss, elucence, shampure).
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What is CO wash? I feel like a secret agent decoding all this stuff. Is there maybe a page that lists all the codes?????

What is CO wash? I feel like a secret agent decoding all this stuff. Is there maybe a page that lists all the codes?????

Originally Posted by mimosa
Ain't it the truth?? It means to wash with conditioner instead of shampoo. At least that's what I mean when I use that code !
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I wash almost daily with MOP C-system moisturizing shampoo, I really love this stuff, it is so gentle but yet leaves my hair just clean enough but not too clean. Lately I have been having pretty good 2nd day hair (thanks to Re:coil ) but on days that I shampoo I use the MOP and then just rotate conditioners. My hair does not seem to like the same conditioner day in and day out so I rotate and seem to get the best results. The conditioners I rotate with are Elucence MB, Biolage fortifying, MOP C-system, Phyto Organics Nectaress, and Joico Altima.

2a?, using MOP C system hydrating poo, Elucence conditioner, B&A Biomineral gel......off and on results....rely most on my curling iron for help
Chelle: where do you get the MOP C-system? Can you list the ingredients?
So this is my weekly routine for now:

Day 1: Shampoo with gentle shampoo (right now I'm using Avalon Organics someting or other. It is ok, leaves my hair soft and shine though a little dry) Then condition.

Day 2: 'water wash' then condition with Suave Citrus Smoothie (I want to try something different though. This conditioner is just OK.).

Day 3: 'water wash' then condition with Suave Citrus Smoothie.

Day 4: Conditioner wash with Amenta Rosemary Mint. This stuff is really nice for conditioner washing. It has several essential oils and I think this helps clean my hair. Too bad it is so hard to find, I'm not sure what I'll use after I run out. Then condition again with Amenta Rosemary Mint

Day 5: 'water wash' and condition.

Day 6: CO wash with Amenta and condition

Day 7: 'water wash' and condition

Then I repeat this again for the next week.

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