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I am sure that a lot of us at the very least have spots that we would like to enhance the curl in. What products do you find helpful and/or techniques?

My favorite curl enhancers are Jessicurl RR or AG Re:coil. If I use RR only, I usually use about two puddles. If I use Re:coil only, I use maybe two dime-sized globs. It's easy to overdo Re:coil. However, I have recently been loving a bit of both mixed together. I use a pea-sized glob of Re:coil and one puddle of RR. Mix in my hands then rake in. (My hair is a bit past my shoulders when dry and curly, a bit on the thick and coarse side, but not that much.)

I find that I get curlier hair when I rake. If I scrunch only, my clumps are bigger. However, scrunching only does not distribute the product evenly enough. So some parts are nicely clumped curls, but other parts are fuzzy and the curl falls out so easily that they are almost straight by day's end. Even and thorough product distribution is key.

Too much raking, of course, breaks up the clumps. My compromise position is to limit myself to only a few "rakes" when applying curl enhancer and then I lean my head back and shake my hair to re-form the clumps. I then scrunch in gel so it sort of bonds around the curls and clumps already formed, boosts them a bit, and gives the whole thing hold. This, at least, is the general idea.
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Right now I am really loving AG Re:coil. Sometimes I use RR+CCSS and I like that too. I rake in the AG, then use a wide tooth comb to distribute (all while my hair is flipped over). One comb through on each side, then shake a little and start scrunching in the gel. After each time I scrunch in gel I use the mf towel to scrunch out the extra and it really seems to help me from overdoing any of the products. During cooler months I was really liking Aveda Be-Curly. It has protein in it, so it was starting to dry out my hair after the weather started getting warmer. Don't really know why. I will probably pull it back out in the fall though.
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I haven't tried Re:coil yet but I love RR or Gelebration! I use one or the other every day under whatever gel I'm using. Still need the gel for hold though.
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