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Malory 07-10-2005 04:50 PM

Keeping Tidy in the AM
Someone on the General Discussions Board said that I am a 2A/2B, which is probably true since I have fine, wavy, frizzy hair, so I though I would post here.

I wash with conditioner every day, and use shampoo once a week. My normal routine is to air-dry. I don't use product because it just weighs down my hair and makes it look greasy. And since I only shampoo once a week, it would mean the product would be in my hair all week. And in general, I'm an allergic, sensitive-skin type person and I just don't like extra chemicals on my head.

I am looking for a job which means that when I go out in the morning, I have to look especially tidy. I don't want to go out with wet hair. I've tried using a diffuser after towel drying and while it does make my hair look neater than it does when I airydry, it dries and straightens the top layer of my hair, so that it looks like straw. (I don't diffuse till my hair is completely dry; just diffusing it long enough so it doesn't look like I just took a shower is enough to dry it out.)

I have to shower in the morning because I exercise first thing in the morning, so I have to shower right after, otherwise I will smell.


CelticMoonDance 07-11-2005 02:59 PM

I have a similar routine as yours, but, I wash with HCC or no-poo twice a week and do ACV once a week so product build up isn't an issue. My hair would be crazy frizzy without any product. Check out the 2b gel thread for some great ideas on a product that could help you with this problem.

sidewinder 07-11-2005 09:29 PM

especially tidy
Hey Malory-
Have you tried using clips/pins on the top layers to give some lift and wave as they dry? My hair is very thin and fine, and I have to do this or my hair literally sticks to my head! :shock: HTH

2A very thin, very fine- think baby hair. CG wavy routine since 2/05. Searching for products and something to replace hair spray!

Malory 07-14-2005 09:58 AM

I think I may have found a solution.
I've started combing my tangles out, then blow-drying my hair on medium heat, but only allowing to partially dry. The effect is really loose waves, with my hair flipping in different directions on the bottom. My hair is just past shoulder length. It sort of looks like I have straight hair and intentionally put it in big rollers.

sidewinder 07-16-2005 11:19 AM

Glad you found a solution!
Got pix?

2AFi, basically baby hair. CG wavy routine,liking Nexxus Ensure and TG condishes. Still looking for HG styling routine!

cunninghamair 07-17-2005 10:21 AM

Use a diffuser, and give it some "cool" shots, if you have that on your dryer--to protect your hair!

Malory 07-23-2005 05:35 PM

Well, my schedule has changed temporarily so I am exercising and showering in the evening, so no need to blowdry. However, I am diffusing for a few minutes because I hate sleeping on sopping wet hair.

AliceInWonderland 08-22-2005 06:41 PM

When school starts, I will be coming out of the shower a little after seven, after my wo and I start teaching at nine, so I understand your problem. I think 2a's just look messy until they are dry, unlike curlier girls. I'm not sure how I'm going to address this. I may try to find some ways to put it up.

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