I'm defecting! (ETA for pics!)

I thought I was a 2B but after a few days of messing around with my hair, I think I'm another 2C/3A person!

I'm going to try and post pics soon and wish more of you had some too so I could confirm my recent theory

ETA: Here are my pictures ... I'm classifying myself as a 2C/3A under the Fia system, I find the one on this site to be VERY confusing My hair has loose waves underneath, tight waves on top and spirals as well. It has a medium texture, it is thin (aka I do not have very much hair), and I have serious frizz issues on my canopy. Let me know what you think!

Straight Hair album has one pic -- self explanatory.

After The Stylist album -- got my haircut in January. She dumped in a TON of Redken Anti-Snap and Spin Control, dried me under the bonnet, then finger combed to loosen curls with MOP pomade on her fingers. I felt so-so about the back but loved the loose wave in the front and sides.

Average Hair Day -- from this month. I apologize in advance that I am wearing my frumpy housewife nightie (and here I thought I was a hip twenty-something, heehee) On that day, I brushed my hair after showering, raked in a ton of Redken Outshine Polishing Milk and Tigi Conrol Freak (a straightener). Then let it air dry until 60% dry and pixiecurl diffused until 90% dry. Rescrunched with Biosilk Hair Therapy when 100% dry -- not necessarily a good thing.

Formerly agk

*All 2s and 3A (hair has been wonky lately)
*Currently enjoying Elucence MBC, Abba Nourishing, Giovanni Vitapro, Abba Gel-Lotion, Redken Spin Control
We have quite a few 2c/3a around . Welcome to the club !! I am working on pictures this weekend.(trying to figure out my new digital camera!!!)
You hair is very pretty! Have you ever tried not brushing it ? It will probably help with the canopy frizz you talked about and curl formation.(I really didn't notice any in the pictures!)
I use a wide tooth comb in my hair while it is full of conditioner. This week I have been experimenting with combing my products thru and not combing in the shower. I am really not sure which is working better for my hair hence trying to get the photos!
Bentley my dog is my avatar
well i think we might actually have the same hair! i don't have pictures but after a year on this site, i would say you are the closest to my hair. just had to share!
HG: Abba Weightless Gel. Add a touch of honey and frizz be gone!!
Formerly agk

*All 2s and 3A (hair has been wonky lately)
*Currently enjoying Elucence MBC, Abba Nourishing, Giovanni Vitapro, Abba Gel-Lotion, Redken Spin Control
My hair is like that as well!
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves

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