Got a haircut today/updated

My hair has really been bothering me lately.I've been having alot of frizz on top, great definition under the canopy, and a rats nest at the ends. I decided the problem was that it was too long. It was BSL when wet the middle of my shoulder blades when dry. So I went to my trusted stylist and explained my problems. She suggested a trim but I wanted something more dramatic. So I had her cut my hair to just below shoulder length and put in some long layers. Here in lies the problem my hair shrinks quite a bit more now than in the 3 years I have been seeing her. After the cut we were both looking at my drying hair like She reshaped my hair when dry and it looks a lot better now but it is still very different than what we had both anticipated.
Now what were supposed to be long layer need to be grown out. And I am so afraid in a couple of weeks I am going to be a complete mushroom head.
On the plus side: Thankfully she didn't charge me for the cut! She was so apologetic. I really love my stylist!
And my hair grows really fast

I learned two lessons
1. my hair has gotten much curlier since I found this site( yeah! ) and that completely changes how my hair should be cut(duh!).
2. Know exactly how much your hair shrinks- I really had no idea or get a dry cut.

Didn't realise this would be so long but I am sure you all understand the trauma!

Today I was very pleasantly suprised after my shower. I washed w/ JC hcc and conditioned w/Elucence. I put in three puddles of RR/CCSS combo and plopped for 20 min.Then I air dried and scrunched the little bit of crunch. Although my hair is shorter than I had planned when going into my haircut yesterday it is the curliest I have seen it in a long while . I almost look like a pure 3A! :dance:dance.gif I honestly think part of the freak out yesterday was due to the gel she used. It honestly did nothing but make my hair feel dry.

I got so many compliments today on how curly and healthy my hair looks! I feel like such a dork for freaking out about my haircut now! It really does look and feel so much healthier. I called my stylist to tell her but today was her day off. I guess my hair shrinking up so much was a hair blessing in disguise!
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How disappointing!! Does it feel and look better condition-wise, though?

CO wash-Vo5 Kiwi Lime
Regular CO-Tresemme Naturals Silicone Free
Deep CO-Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

Shampoo-Jhirmack Silver Plus Ageless once a week
Cream-Garnier Fructis Sleek $ Shine Leave-In Conditioning
Gels-LA Looks Sport

Going silver-last hair color 4/10/15

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