Good gel for 2C hair (update 8/17)

OK. Went to the store, hoping to get Nexxus POTAR creme and gel, but my store does not carry any POTAR products. Boo hiss.

Walked out instead with: Matrix LifTrix volume gel(yes CG friendly?), Rusk Jele Gloss, and Sebastian XTah Loose Locks creme styler. The latter two have cones, sorry.

1st experiment: Shamp and condish like normal, Control Freak like normal. Mix in a dab of CF with LifTrix. LifTrix has a totally non-sticky texture. After I applied two quarter size blobs of LifTrix, hair felt productless even though I know I had put a ton of the stuff in. Guess what? Might as well have not put anything in because my hair has never looked worse. No seriously -- not even after blow drying without product, without diffuser. Let me describe it -- first of all, I went from having FAT curls yesterday with Wired to stringy, spaghetti thin wisps. My hair at the top was totally flat. And I had NO hold -- frizz all over the place, messy ends. What a freaking nightmare!!

2nd experiment: washed out above ASAP. Reapplied CF, then layered Jele Gloss, again about 2 quarter sized amounts. My hair clumps like mad after CF application and the Jele Gloss did not counteract this when wet. Started diffusing, things looked OK. Partway through I felt my hair didn't have enough definition so when hair was 80% dry I did the unthinkable -- did twisties on a few areas -- and oh my gosh, my hair was silky and pliable and the twisties held! At about 90% dry, my curls started clump-mania2005. I smoothed, touched, scrunched, etc. and all this did was enhance the style, no frizzies. And WHOA volume -- basically however I moved my hair, it would stick. Lift at the roots? Stick. Zero crunch, very minimal frizz. I love this stuff!!! Can't say it has enough hold all alone, but I am confident that a dime sized bit of this mixed with the as-yet-not-found cream styler will work wonders. Best of all, I think the bottle is 12oz. for $11 or $12. This stuff is gonna last forever .... Rusk, you've come through yet again!
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Maudie, any more news on the Dove stuff? Have you continued to use it more? I went bonkers and bought 3 new things today -- 2 gels, 1 creme styler. We shall see what happens (not listing 'cause I don't think they're CG friendly)
Originally Posted by agk
Sorry, AGK, missed this post. I have used the Dove, slightly diluted with water for 2 days. I like it. My hair is curly, not as defined as with a gel, but softer and not stuck together. I smoothed it on and plopped. I will try it without plopping to see if there are better results. Anyway, my hair feels soft again and the wiggy feeling is gone.

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Gels-LA Looks Sport

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My most favorite gel ever is Aura Hypoallergenic gel. If Aura ever stops making this, I will have to cut my hair off.

It doesn't really enhance or encourage curl (I need something with mag. sulfate in it for that), but it does leave my waves and curls very shiny and very moisturized... all the way to the tips! I love this stuff!!!
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I didn't have time to read the whole thread, so hopefully no one has mentioned it, but I use Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray Gel in Strong. It holds EXTREMEMLY well, and it helps a lot when I try to wear my hair curly. The only issue is that if you use too much, it can be crunchy...but it never gives that wet look which I, personally, try to avoid.

I don't know anything about the ingredients, as I am new here and haven't tried a different routine.

It works for me, and I probably live in one the most humid areas of the U.S., ha! So, if humidity is a concern then I love this product.
Lately I've been using KMS control creme (and Nexxus shampoo and conditioner), it seems to be working pretty good for now. Half way through the day I just put my hair up anyhow since it's so darn freakin hot here, but it looks great up
I've been playing with Abba weightless gel. So far I am impressed. I haven't quite figured it out yet but when I do use it I have very little if any canopy frizz. (which is my biggest complaint)
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