best styling products for 2a/b hair??

If anyone could reccomend some good products that will help keep waves and curls on 2a/2b hair, i would be most greatful!

I have wasted so much on crap in the last month that i could just cry!

I live in the UK and new to the CG thing and to products. I havent used them in about 10 years!

any info would be most apriciated!

Check out the hair routine post below. My favorites are in my signature. I love Jessicurl, elucence, potar or b&a gel.
Modified CG since 9/03. 2B/3A. JESSICURL!!! Gentle Poo, Aloeba, Gelebration, Awe; or Mop Top Poo & Condish; Curlisto Mousse & Gel I. Winter: Elucence MB Clarify, Shampoo & Conditioner. ACV & honey rinses. Plop & Pixiecurl diffuse. Password: curls

I really must get my hands on some of that Jessicurl stuff!!

What is the DT and POTAR?

(the ACV is apple cider vineger-right?)

I am not up on the 'lingo' yet, being only new...

xx ali
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What are looking for the products to do? Curl-enhancing, moisturizing, things that won't weigh your hair down, hold, etc. That way I can reply specifically

1 curl enhancing
2 wont weigh hair down
3 will keep wet curl tightness and not go
wimpy and flat at end of day!

if i do a deep treatment will that help keep the curl ?

I dont understand my hair!!!

I have just seen your other post there anything else you could recomment on top of the other recommendations?

ever so gratefull!
dt= deep treatment. potar=nexxus phyto organics the arts gel
Modified CG since 9/03. 2B/3A. JESSICURL!!! Gentle Poo, Aloeba, Gelebration, Awe; or Mop Top Poo & Condish; Curlisto Mousse & Gel I. Winter: Elucence MB Clarify, Shampoo & Conditioner. ACV & honey rinses. Plop & Pixiecurl diffuse. Password: curls
WHR, you might like the Qhemet Biologics Karite Nut Curl Milk. It's light, curl-enhancing, and moisturizing. It's not that much on hold though, but I use it under Batia & Aleeza gel which is brilliant! B&A is a very watery gel, that gives a nice hold and good clumping. I love it because it doesn't feel like a gel! Curls Curly Q potion is excellent too! It's very light, curl enhancing, and moisturizing! Love it.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07

THese sound good!

I saw some Phyto spray in a shop the other day, but couldnt find a review on it.

It seemed pretty good. Think i will investigate!

thanks so much for everyones helpful advice!

xx ali
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Lush: I have the Karite Nut Curl Milk. I need to give this product a try. How would you recommend I try it?

waterhousered - Here is what I would try using your number system

1 - I love AG Re:coil mixed with a little bit of Long Lovely Locks Coco Light. I am also just trying KMS Curl Up Curling Balm and Control Creme. It is comprable to Re:Coil and give me nice curls.

2- For a leave-in that won't weigh your hair down, I would try Elucense Moisture Balance Conditioner. Coco Light is a leave-in also, but, I use it primarily to add a little shine and to thin out Re:coil or KMS for easier distribution.

3- Angell or Back to Nature Rosemary Minte Clean Gel.

Now, I know some of these might be hard for you to get. So, I apologize if I am making this quest harder on you. I also love Boots Curling Creme. I primarily use it on second day hair, but, I woud use it on first day hair if I couldn't get the above products.

Doing weekly DT's helps my curls a lot. My hair is very pourous and just sucks up moisture. The more I moisturize my hair the wavier it gets. Look at my pictures to see the difference in my waves before and after.
Actually, I tried the wash with conditioner thing the other day and it was amazing!!!

I used Eluence leave in stuff and then put in some confident coils.
THEN used lush'es Jungle solid conditioner as a stying product and the results were the best yet.
I will have to try the whole thing again to make sure, but i will be so relived to have a 'system' in place!!

Its so scary not knowing what to do with my hair!!??
ITs been one way for so long its so bizzare now having to get to know it again!

thanks for all your help eveyrone!!
All this verygood info is going in my curl journal!!

xx al
Kimberly, I didn't see your post until now! I just use it on wet hair after my leave-in (of course it's quite moisturizing itself so you almost don't need a leave-in), and it doesn't have any hold, so if you want hold you need to add something on top. Anyway I smooth it on ponytail style, and then scrunch it in. I usually pump about 3-4 squirts in my hand, or 2 over the top, and 2 underneath. Then I scrunch and add whatever else on top, and then rescrunch and plop.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
Hey Lushaholic!
I just had a look at your hair pictures and my hair on a good day looks quite similar. the only difference is my front pannells are not as curly as the rest of my hair...

So what type of hair would i have I wonder??

I should take some picutures. Right now its a mess!
Maybe tomorow...

xx ali
whr, I can't wait to see pics! Mine is less curly in the front as well, and I think mine ranges mostly from 2b-3c, with even 2a in some places.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07

I just bought some MagSUlf today at the chemist!!

I want to get some glycerine and make a spray!!

Is there a section with recipies?

I just found it!

xx ali
I am not sure what my hair type is and was wondering if someone can help me figure out what it is.

I have 'somewhat' fine hair and lots of it. My hair does NOT have an 'S' curve to it when wet. If my hair is not layered, it looks limp, has very little body, and a lot of bend with some wave to it. It is ONLY when it is evenly layered and texturized that you can see how much curl it actually has.

Layering and texturizing my hair 'release' my curl and release the body. So what hairtype is this? 2a? 2b?

My hairtype confuses a lot of hairstylists. The ones that truly understand my hair admit to me that it's taken them a few haircut appointments before they truly understand what my hair will do.

One hairstylist did not want to layer my hair. She said she didn't see the 'S' curve in my hair when wet. This was a little silly as I came into her salon with a short cut, but you could definitely see the curl on top and in the back and sides. She admitted she noticed the curl, but didn't get it when my hair was wet. My hair doesn't look completely curly when wet, but it will REALLY curl up when it's drying, if it's cut well.

Also, the longer my hair, the curlier it gets. When my hair reaches a certain length, it starts to corkscrew curl, which I absolutely love. The shorter my hair, the less curl I have.

Thanks for your help...
I would love to see your photos but I can't get in. I signed up with Fotki but it says I have to get you to let me in. Boy, I wish I were more "techie"
Very fine, 2a, need more curl.
Jill in Harrisburg PA
My hair seems somewhat like yours before
But...your hair is great. It gives me hope, ha!

I definitely need to try Re:coil and Angell.

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