My hair is a mixture of all the 2s.
I ironed my hair for basically a year and then decided to let it flow naturally for the summer. I have baby fine hair on some parts of my hair, but generally my hair is thin and has body. Lately, I've been finding really really coarse curly hairs, that are on the verge of kinky, my hair feels like straw. One part of the hair strand will be baby fine, the other part will be coarse. Its been a while since an actual cut, and deep conditioning doesn't do anything. HELP!
Welcome, microbe! (sounds funny- I couldn't resist1 )
I am certainly no expert, and only 6 mos with going "natural", but I think some of your problems are very common, esp. with wavies. I have 2-3 different textures on my head, too. My wave pattern is weak all over, but my sides, crown and underneath are very fine, while my back is more course. IMHO, coarse hair FEELS drier, and therefore, more damaged.Although my hair is very thin, I wind up using a leave-in condish to moisturize and de-frizz those course spots.
Another thought to consider is that your hair is still "recovering" from habitual heat damage. This may take a while, and maybe your hair is "rediscovering" it's natural tendencies. This board gives great advice on all kinds of conitioning techniques, styling, etc. You could also do a search on posts of people recovering from iron damage. I think Ava used to iron alot. Or post a thread on the main board. I hope you can continue to let your hair be wavy- I'm sure it's beautiful! Good luck, and BTW welcome!

2AFi, basically baby hair. Wavy CG since 2/05. Current faves: Suave and VO5 CO wash, Nexxus Ensure condish, Aussie tizz no frizz and Gel+H20 (thanks, Ava!) Trying to kick my hairspray habit

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