where to start with styling products?

Hi There
I think I'm a 2C/3A, but I'm not totally sure.
I'm looking for ideas on how to go about finding styling products.
I'm trying to go CG, but I haven't been brave enough to not at least co-wash everyday, but I've only been at this a week now.
I've been using either Devacurl No-poo with some One on the ends, or suave naturals coconut condish with some brown sugar mixed in to scrub with.
So far I've been using HEHD gel. Until the last week I hadn't used any styling products in years, I just washed, combed and ran out the door with a wet head.
I've been reading that people use combinations of styling products?
Any suggestions where to start?
Also, I have a tendency to flip my hair from side to side a lot throughout the day, so something that will hold up to that. I've noticed the HEHD starts out looking good, but ends up frizzy after I've played with my hair some.
I've got BIG volume hair, but would like to tame that a little and get more defined curls.
Any ideas?
For hold, you might try Nexxus POTAR gel or the Biosilk RHG. Or for cream stylers with curl enhancement, I love Recoil. But I'm also addicted to Devacurl Set It Free. I spray some between my palms once my hair has dried, and then I smooth it over my hair like doing a ponytail, then scrunch. It gives a nice hold without any stiffness. You could also try doing a final honey rinse after you've conditioned.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07

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