new and overwhlemed

i just finished reading cg in one sitting today and was esctatic when i finished! i've been straigtening my hair for about 11 years. i have what i think is 2a / 2b type hair but am thinking that with correct care, cut & length I am more of a 3a/b. when i was younger my hair seemed to fit more into that category...prior to any relaxing and hard core straightening attempts.

as i mentioned after finishing cg today, i was stoked! i immediately showered, used only the conditioner i had on had and the gel i had on hand. i am always fairly pleased with my hair the first hour after i style it days end it's a flattened mess.

i am a bit overwhelmed now though after reading all the types of products and experimenting that goes on with getting the perfect curls.

i need a place to start???? i don't want to invest alot of time & $ into going back to my natural state....almost seems easier to just keep blowing it out.

encouraging help please!
Hey there!
I think we've all been overwhelmed making a transition. I kinda still am! :P IMHO, I would say just condtion and treat your hair gently to help it recover from the damage. I initially started experimenting with drugstore brands cuz I am on a budget. Remember, too, to save your receipts! Most stores are good about refunding.

2A very fine, very thin;basically baby hair. Wavy cg routine since 2/05. Faves: suave and vo5 co wash, Nexxus Ensure condish, Aussie tizz no frizz layered with gel+h20. Desperately looking for a replacement for hairspray!
Welcome, southtxcurlygirl! I have definite 2a hair, but I always thought it was straight till a few months ago. Can you believe it? All the things I was doing to it were making it straight. The wave is pretty fragile.

2b. Dark Golden Blond. Very fine texture. Medium thickness. Thrilled to find waves!!!
I'm new too and I thought I had straight hair all my life. I think I have 2a also. I am hoping we get some good advice!
Very fine, 2a, need more curl.
Jill in Harrisburg PA
Welcome Jillmar! Nice to see another 2a. We seem to be in the minority here.

2b. Dark Golden Blond. Very fine texture. Medium thickness. Thrilled to find waves!!!
So... I am with ya'll.... I thought I was straight and came to this site for my 3c dd. But after a week of playing here it finally dawned on me that I might be able to figure out how to treat my waves nicer so that it will look great natural. Hope I find some help. I haven't read the book though... what advice can you give me?!?!?!

I would love to show you how to preserve your favorite Curly-Head memories!
Just keep reading here. You will learn everything you want to know.

2b. Dark Golden Blond. Very fine texture. Medium thickness. Thrilled to find waves!!!

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