Build up or something--need help!

Hi all,

First of all, this is my first post, so let me start off by saying how glad I am that I've found these boards and how helpful they've been. It's definitely made a difference!

HOWEVER, I am having problems. I started going CG about 4 months ago. The first two months saw constant improvement but then I kind of peaked in early July. I was just looking at photos of myself on vacation then and my hair never looked better--shiny, curly, etc. Since then, my hair has been feeling increasingly coarse and hard to the touch, looks dull and dirty, and the ends look ratty even though I just had a trim about a week ago.

Here's my general routine, though I've experimented and improvised a lot within it: CO wash every other day or so with either Suave Coconut or VO5 Lime Squeeze. Rinse with honey, let sit a minute then rinse but not too much. Sometimes leave in a little conditioner, sometimes not. Comb in HE HDG while hair is still soaking, scrunch a little and air dry. Often after it's dry I run a few drops of Vitamin E oil over it which seems to give it a bit of shine and definition. DT at least once a week with olive oil/conditioner mix.

So I'm thinking maybe I've run my course with the HDG and have buildup from the wheat protein in it. If that's the case, what's the best way to get rid of the buildup without stripping my hair? Should I/can I clarify once in a while and go back to the HDG, or should I give it up once and for all? I've never found another get I've been even remotely happy with, but I'd be willing to try a creme styler or something (anything).

Or maybe the problem is something else? I don't know. Ideas and suggestions welcome--I'm getting pretty desperate!

Thanks so much!

The Suave coconut also contains protein. If your hair is 'healthy' and especially if it isn't very curly or chemically processed, you probably shouldn't be using protein. Why not clarify really well and start over with another CG friendly, protein-free product. And Sweetpeacali started a huge thread listing suggestions!

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