Curly Girl is NOT working - next idea?

I became a CG in March (went to Devachaun and everything) and had decent results. Big soft curls. Went from 2a to 3a. The problem is the routine seems to take longer and is less user friendly than if I had just blown my hair out! If you don't put the AnGel in super wet hair, it dries crunchy. But when it's that wet, plus gel, my hair takes HOURS to air dry. (Diffusing just blows out the curl and creates frizz.) My coworkers get a kick out of seeing me come in to work with little clips in my hair, but we have a new manager, and she might not find it so funny. Plus, I have to remember that when it does finally dry, I have to flip it to get the volume.

I want to let my hair be natural, but before work it's easier to blow the heck out of it!

Suggestions? Anyone?
Here's a link to a really cool site. If you are clipping like the last pick, your boss shouldn't care. I looked for the multicolored clips and found them at wal-mart.

Password- hair
It sounds like you aren't using a diffuser when you dry. Just using a regular dryer WILL blow your hair around and make it look bad. Have you tried a bowl idffuser? It's the best thing.

2b. Dark Golden Blond. Very fine texture. Medium thickness. Thrilled to find waves!!!
CG doesn't work for everybody. I've been ranting about how I can't find a true "wavy" routine that isn't either a dumbed down version of straight or curl routines on the General Hair board. I got more than a little tired of trying to make my hair curlier or straighter. Why isn't wavy hair good enough on it's own? And why are all the routines that seem to let my waves be themselves considered "bad" for my hair?
I don't think anybody said wavy hair wasn't good enough on it's own. That's the whole point. Letting your hair be natural.
2b. Dark Golden Blond. Very fine texture. Medium thickness. Thrilled to find waves!!!
Exactly. I've had the same problem - the CG system makes my hair overconditioned and straight as a stick from product residue. I need shampoo.
And now I end up feeling sort of like I've failed, because I tried this sytem for a month and a half and it just did not work.
However, today I went over to the Vitaminshoppe and the hair-person there led me to Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner and told me they were very light and would let my waves...well, wave. So I'll give it a try.
The sad thing is that I have 2 32oz bottles of No-Poo and One-C on their way to me from an..ahem...private seller. Unopened, unused. I can alway sell them on eBay, I guess.
Not curly, but wavy. Learning to love it.
Valiantly attempting to become a product minimalist.

I might be interested in your products. Let me know if you decide to sell, and how much you want for them.

2b. Dark Golden Blond. Very fine texture. Medium thickness. Thrilled to find waves!!!

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