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jersey8 10-09-2005 09:17 PM

Wet Set
I posted this in general without any replies, so instead of bumping, I thought I'd see if any of you guys do this...

I'm assuming that this means that you put your hair in rollers when it is still wet. This isn't used to LOOSEN curl is it? That's def. not what I want to acheive.

What size rollers do you use?
Do you sponge or hard rollers?
Do you use clips or what to hold the rollers in?
Do you sleep with them or only put them on while you're getting ready (if so...for how long?)
And how do you roll it? Do you start at the send and go you do it like a spiral? I've always had trouble putting rollers in my hair because I never knew how to do would only curl the ends.

I'm going for more of a loose curl/wave. Natural everyday look...not a done up beauty pageant or formal look.

Have you had much success with it? I want to try it, so I wanted opinions especially from wavies, but everyone.

Oh, and if you have any pictures with any kind of results, that'd be super great.

Ember 10-10-2005 07:35 PM

I haven't tried curlers, but here's my trick for nice defined curls that are curlier than my usual 2a-3a wavycurls:

Squeeze water out of my hair with a sarong after a shower and put in gels. Then I twist the curls around one or two fingers, gently, and pin them. I put my fingers at the scalp and with my other hand, wrap the hair around them and slide the pin in. This makes little circles of hair all over my head. Around my face where they are shorter and finer I use one finger, everywhere else usually two. I spray with spray gel and let them sit for a few minutes, then use a diffuser on them for about 15 minutes on the lowest setting. De-pin, don't touch nuthin, diffuse again until about 80% dry, and for lots of body I do this part upside down. Spritz again with spray gel and done. I get soft, defined curls that last all day.

I tried this trick at night once, left the pins in overnight and let my hair dry naturally. Can we say "poodle?" Not good. :D

One of my housemates bought soft curlers to wear overnight and I might try that to see if I get less poodle. I'll let you know how it goes!


jersey8 10-10-2005 09:40 PM

I REALLY, REALLY wanna try that but being a student, I don't know if I'm going to have time. I have a WHOLE LOTTA HAIR, lol. :D How long does it take you?

Definitely let me know if rollers work for you. I'm planning on trying that soon as well. The soft overnight ones.

Ember 10-16-2005 06:05 PM

I tried the overnight soft rollers and they definitely worked for more curl! Lots of body and nice soft curls. I did up my whole head while my hair was damp and freshly clean. (conditioner with a drop of natural shampoo.) I wrapped my head in a satin sleep scarf. In the morning, I unwound the hair, finger-combed, and then smoothed with gel. Here's what I will do differently next time:

1. Use the curlers on the back and underneath of my hair overnight. In the morning, use the pin trick on the top and sides, where my hair is finer, more curly, and more fragile. The curlers were too much there.

2. Unwind the hair from the curlers and then smooth gel on them BEFORE finger-combing them out. Finger-combing created lots of frizz and more body than I needed.

Good luck!

jersey8 10-16-2005 09:49 PM

I did this 2 separate times.

The first time I tried it after washing for maybe about 30 minutes. Nice waves.

BUT I tried this over night, and disaster. My arm pit length hair shrunk to a chin length. My head was full of unnatural looking Shirley Temple curls that wouldn't loosen even when I ran my hands through them. They separated and my hair became super full and really poofy and big. And the back accidentally got wet again after all of it had dried and it ended up being straight as a board contrasting with the above. I tried gels and such to smooth it down but it was a HUGE mess. I ended up going ponytail and rewashing later when I had time.

I wonder if I did something wrong?

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