Trying Jessicurl products

First of all, I am SO glad that there is a place just for 2as! I've been using some techniques from this website for awhile (infrequent shampooing, and now honey rinses and acv rinses), but I JUST ordered the jessicurl trial pack light.

How would you try them to test their effectiveness?

Right now the products that I like that I use are- Aura HypoAllergenic Gel, coconut suave, and tangerine VO5. I just got noodlehead's curly spray and I'm not sure how I like it.

I think I am going to try the GLS first (right now I shampoo about every three days) because that's what I dislike the most in my routine and will last the longest of the trial sizes. But then I'm not sure..

Which products work well with a good gel? Whta's the smartest way to try these so I know what works for me!

Please help!

Ok, maybe I should further explain my confusion, it seems like a lot of the products are similar, and instead of trying the whole shebang at once, I want to try each for a few days to see if it works well for me. But I really can not figure out if I am already using a gel, if I then shouldn't use Confident curls. That has hold, right? And the gelebration spray does NOT. I just assumed that it was reversed, that GELebration was a gel, and that confident curls was a curl revivor.. I don't know why I am finding the descriptions so confusing.

So, can anyone help?


P.S. I really liked the GLS, but it's stronger than I expected.
Confident Coils is meant to be used with either Rockin Ringlets or Gelebration. You should use a much smaller amount of the CC than of either of the other two. Yes, the CC is for hold.

Awe Inspiraling is a curl revivor.
2b. Dark Golden Blond. Very fine texture. Medium thickness. Thrilled to find waves!!!

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