i think i'm a 2c wannabe!

hi there, folks. i'm a newbie who, before this site, would have identified myself as a 2c, but now i don't think i even qualify! alas, i fear that i am just a wannabe: while my hair definitely has a tendency to wave (think randomly stretched out waves), it's most prone to wave when it's longer (well past the shoulder blades) which i think is odd. i recently got my long hair cut in a (long) shag to deal with my hair's love take on that terrible triangle effect and the stylist cut it so that the waves would be at their best, but to my disappointment, not a wave has surfaced! instead, my hair has lost it's lovely shine andd i feel like i have a mullet rather than the punky shag i left the salon with. can someone help me find my hair identity??! (btw, i am asian american, but my hair is very thick and coarse and definitely has some kind of texture, i just have no idea what.) thanks so much!
Jane, it sounds like you may be a 2b wavy??? I would post your question on the 2b section (2c is pretty quiet) or on the general discussion board and start your topic title with "Wavies...." I'm sure you'll get more replies that way.

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i'm mixed asian so i understand how er...difficult it may be to determine what hair type you have exactly. i don't even know what i have myself, i think a 2b + 2c mix with 3a.

my hair has very strong waves 'at the ends'..one stylist said that before. i have the triangle effect too with long hair. oh no, this post looks quite useless, because i'm just as confused as you are! well...i think i'd agree with maudie that you're a 2b, possibly with 2c. maybe with a pic it'd be a bit easier?
My hair did the same thing when I cut it this summer. Now that it's getting longer, my waves are reappearing.

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