Should I go GG?!?!

I have always had wavy hair.
I started coming here to find help for my dd who is a 3a/b. I got CG book from the library and sat there and read it. Oh my!! I am so typical wavy. My bangs have always been so flat that even if I got a perm, it wouldn't take. I hate my hair being flat so I have bought gobs of voluminizers, etc. I have ALWAYS blow dried my hair -- usually on high, hot settings and a round brush. I usually get my sides fuller -- but I like the messy look. I went to get my hair trimmed the other day and I was sooooo mad. I got this Asian girl with stick straight hair who yanked on my hair and insisted that I needed detangler. She sent me on my way without styling my hair and I had to go to the store and buy product to get it decent looking.

Between that horrible beauty shop experience and reading that book, I decided to try letting my hair do what it wants. I washed my hair with regular shampoo, conditioned it, and then.....With it still pretty wet, I added some Out of Bed, and sprayed my roots of my bangs with my redken spray mousse. Then, I scrunched, scrunched, scrunched and blow dried on low with the diffuser. I was amazed!! I got curls!! It was almost a 3a!!! And I was happy with it. And dh liked it. And on Sunday, someone asked me what I did to my hair because they liked it!! one issue was a little too messy and not knowing how to tame that down a little without combing I wonder if I should try the CG routine. I am sure that the Redken has cones in it. I would hate to give that up. And the out of bed has a cone, too. I am also a little afraid that the conditioner only routine will give me flat hair. My hair has always been rather fine. I am a blonde -- probably ash blonde.

And what do you do about hairspray? I am used to this as a tool to not only hold, but also give a little more oomph because I feel droopy.
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This is one decision you wont regret,whether you follow the CG method strictly or a modified CG.
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currently using:
suave tropical coconut, apple or tangerine conditioner to co-wash
condition with Live clean or L'Oreal pro vive
Loo-poo every 2 wks with Live clean
Styling combos:
Just got some jessicurl products last week and loving the results
AG re:coil, biolage gelee or BHRG
Catwalk curls amplifier,biolage gelee

Banned products:

Total PJ ,can you tell?
It can take awhile (and can be frustrating), but I think it's been worth it. My curly hair is much better than ever. Once you find what works for you, it's so much easier to maintain than straightening.

You can do it!

BTW, I think Loreal's Out of Bed IS CG-friendly.
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