Given up for now

Hi there

Do any of you other 2s just give up on your hair and straighten it sometimes? I've just done that tonight after weeks and weeks of trying to get my hair to behave itself. God it feels nice!

I've cut out silicones, use a clear gel on it CG-style, use loads of conditioner and a tiny bit of shampoo, but it's still an awful mess with fuzzy curls and an almost straight canopy. I just feel so ungroomed that I can't take it any more. So I thought what the hell, it's the weekend, my boyfriend is coming round tomorrow after being abroad for a week and I just want to look nice for a change.

I've seen a lot of pics of people with 2C hair that look great, but my hair looks nothing like those. I feel like I've got the worst of both worlds - hair that nowhere near being straight and smooth, but not really curly enough for it to be a feature and to rock the whole CG thing. It's just stuck in a kind of hair wilderness.
Sorry for the rant!
When I first started my hair was nothing but a fuzzy mess also, I had to do the routine for a whole month as well as get a haircut. You may have split ends. My hair looked so much better after my haircut, although it took about a week for my canopy to sort it out (it was much straighter).
Cleanser: Liquid Castile Soap diluted in a foaming soap dispenser
ACV rinse
Oyin Handmade Greg Juice or Juices and Berries
Stylers: Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd, KCCC, Honey Rinses and BRHG, Crack Leave-in Hair Cream when straightening

Tools: Silk pillowcase, Floursack towels, Jersey T-Shirts, Wide Tooth Comb, Velecta Paramount TGR-VQX Hair Dryer (for when I straighten) and BaByliss PRO Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer
I'm currently in the same boat. I'm apparently a 2c/3a with maybe some 3b (omg) and I've been doing CG for about a week and I HATE the feel I have with my hair. I miss brushing it. I miss the smoothness. I miss being able to do a bunch of cool hairstyles with it that don't work with curly hair that can't be brushed. This whole thing is VERY limiting with having any fun hairstyles :\. I'm wondering if I can just wear my hair straight sometimes and not have it ruin the CG deal I have going on. (It's down to my butt and the whole thing feels like this matted frizzy chunk sometimes T_T).

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