showering: what to do with hair on non-wash days? and curly vs wavy techniques

New to the forums and to CG; I bring two concerns that I hope the more experienced wavies can help with:

1. So for wavies doing CG, it's pretty much CO with a weekly scalp shampooing, right? Is the CO supposed to be a daily thing? (I know lots of people modify CG to what their hair needs, but as a n00b I want to start with the basic version and adapt from there.)

I ask because I have a heck of a time dealing with my hair if I happen to shower without wetting/washing it, and I want to know how to work around this if need be. It's long and heavy, so if I don't want it to get wet that means pinning it up and/or wrapping in a towel, then maneuvering around awkwardly to keep the water off it while washing the rest of me. But my skin tends toward oily, and my scalp as well, so keeping my hair dry in the warm humid environment often results in limp, greasy roots--in the end, I'd have been better off just washing my hair. Suggestions?

2. Are there any techniques that generally favor or tend not to suit wavies? I'm talking about ways of washing, drying, scrunching, plopping, setting, combing...variations that work especially well on type 2 hair, and/or the things that are better left to the more intense curlage of 3s. I look forward to collecting and experimenting with techniques, but would still appreciate some direction on what to try and what to avoid
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my hair: secretly 2a-ii (with a bit of 2b on good days) masquerading as frizzy 1b/c. very dark brown, more black in winter & reddish in summer. texture slightly on the coarser side of medium.
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method: started CG (wavy method) on 30/7/08 w/ flax gel & conventional products; changing soon to natural/homemade shampoo & conditioner.
I don't shampoo at all. It just makes my hair SO frizzy even with only doing it once a week, and I don't see a need to shampoo at all. I co-wash twice a week after an acv (apple cider vingegar) rinse. For me I haven't gotten second day hair more then one time. If I don't wet down my hair daily, it looks like a big poofy mess. Normally I get it wet every day and put a lot of conditioner in then use a wide toothed comb and get all the tangles out, use a towel and scrunch/blot as much water out of it as I can, then I scrunch in gel and glaze a bit on my canopy. If I don't do that then I have to pull it up into a pony tail. I didn't feel like the whole routine yesterday so I threw it into a pony tail.
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ACV rinse
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I'm wavy. If I'm in the shower my hair is getting wet. So, depending on the day, I either wash, co-wash, or just condition. I wash about once a week, co-wash when I feel like I need a good scrub, and condition when I'm too lazy to do either of the other.

I'll have to get back to you on #2. Need to run.
I wet my hair down and condition it everyday. I have never had second-day hair. I shampoo with a sulfate-free cleanser once (maybe twice) a week, and use a weekly ACV. I don't usually co-wash because my scalp seems to do fine without it.

As far as techniques that favor wavies, I have no idea. Personally, I had to play around with lots of routines to find something that give me pretty consistent results. For example, plopping never really worked for me. Applying my styling products to dripping wet hair while hanging my head upside down gives me good volume, but my cowlicks are unmanageable that way. I've found that combing in leave-in conditioner and CK followed by scrunching my gel works best to give me clumping without freaking out my cowlicks.

Does this help?
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I don't wet my hair every day. I wash with a low-poo maybe once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less), and co-wash on the days that I wet my hair but don't use poo. On the days that I don't wet my hair, I sleep with it in a pineapple, take it down and scrunch in a little castor oil (this is brand new to my routine, but I am loving it), and it usually turns out pretty well for me. Some days I also just sleep on it normally and wear it up the next day.

ETA: On days I don't wet my hair, I get a really quick shower, with my hair still in the pineapple. I try to keep it out of the water stream, and this usually works for me. It might get a teensy bit damp, but this only enhances curl for me. When I get out of the shower, I take down the pineapple, shake it out and scrunch in a teensy bit of oil.

My wavy/curly hair LOVES the following things (bear in mind, hair varies from person to person, so not all wavies will love these things):
Weekly shampoo with low-poo--it brings the boing back to my curls when they get droopy (I sometimes even use sulfates, but this is rare)
Apple Cider Vinegar rinses--make my curls super shiny and bouncy
Aloe Vera Gel--3 blobs scrunched into wet hair give me frizz control and definition
Upside down scrunching--if I do not start out by scrunching my hair upside down, I get flat top every time
Over night pineapple--this gives my roots wonderful volume
Castor oil--I JUST started trying a couple drops of this on dry hair for frizz reduction and definition. It seems to work wonderfully for me.

My hair HATES:
Every kind of gel I've tried other than aloe vera gel. It hated HEBE less than other gels with PVP, but it still wasn't crazy about it.
VO5 Conditioners that contain Stear...Chloride (or whatever it is called--I think it is in all of the VO5 conditioners). I really wanted to like those conditioners, because I appreciate that they don't test on animals, but that one ingredient turned my hair into definitionless cotton candy.
Too much oil--it gives me stringy, greasy, frizz (You wouldn't think greasy frizz is possible, but it is)

botticelli-ish bob.

Current Routine:
-Suave Aloe & Waterlily cowash/leave-in
-Giovanni Direct Leave-In
-FOTE aloe vera gel

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I used to low poo twice a month, now I rarely need to. I always get 2nd and/or 3rd day hair, so I use a shower cap on those days.

If I HAVE to wet my hair 2 days in a row I water wash.
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