Can wavy hair really take all that conditioning?

Ok, so the question probably shows you i'm a complete newbie to this...

I've been wearing my thick blonde wavy hair curly for the last few years but struggle with it. Every morning i wake up and it is an awful state - half straight and half wavy and thick and awful. Same goes if i wear a hat or hairband or squash my head in any way at all!

After washing/conditioning/diffuser drying it usually looks pretty curly but can often just hang limp - i thought this was too much conditioner... so i'm a bit scared to try conditioning without shampooing... will it not just drag my delicate waves down and give me slightly kinky straight hair instead???
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Co-washing isn't right for everyone. I'm a 2c, and I don't do it. Non-sulfate shampoos work better for most wavies. Try a variety of options and see what works best for you.
Thanks for replying

I guess i might ease into it with less shampooing (maybe every three days) to start with rather than going in at the deep end!
That's what I did, and now I low-poo only once every ten days or so. I just gradually spaced out the shampoos. I do co-wash every day I don't low-poo. I love co-washing. I gave full CG a try last month, and by the 3rd week my hair was unhappy.

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I would think it depends more on the texture of your hair (fine, coarse,etc) and the thickness then the wave/curl pattern.

Plus, make sure you dont over condition or use products that are heavier then you need.

When I first went CG I low pood every other week. Now I hardly ever need to. But if yer hair needs it its not a big deal - find a balance; maybe every other wash or something....
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Or use a lighter conditioner if you're co-washing every day....I only really saturate mine with something thick, or even use a leave-in if I've used shampoo that day or the day before and I'm fuzzy.

I like Jessicurl's daily conditioner as a lighter option. I think it's called "Aloeba." Shea moisture is nice too (just got some off the swap board).
I'm a 2C with thick/course hair and no shampooing doesn't work for me. I can go about a week before I need a new jump start. I use Fuzzy Duck shampoo and it's really gentle.
I'm a 2C with thick/course hair and no shampooing doesn't work for me. I can go about a week before I need a new jump start. I use Fuzzy Duck shampoo and it's really gentle.
Originally Posted by Kitara
I'm also a 2C with very thick/course hair and I have to shampoo about once a week also. You really have to experiment quite a bit. I love the CG method but it doesn't always work the same for us wavies, we need to cheat and fine tune a little! I still coat my hair with conditioner or Deva NoPoo b4 shampooing and try not to lather up too much.
I've just poo'd again today - first time since monday morning so i guess that's three days without. It was going quite well but had gotten a bit yucky at the temples where my hair is finer and i was very sweaty last night at yoga....

It's not quite dry yet so not sure if it looks better or worse yet today
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At night, try taking a large portion of the outer canopy loosely pulling it on top of your head with a scrunchie so you can go another day without washing. I haven't been able to go more than 2 days myself and by the 2nd day my head is itchy! So if you went 3 days that's pretty good!!! Also, be careful with the Frizz Ease I think that has a lot of silicones in it which is REALLY not good for your hair especially on a regular basis. Also, certain types of alcohol NG either. Cetyl Alcohol is OK

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