Bowl or sock diffuser?

To all of you who diffuse, do you prefer a bowl or sock diffuser? With which did you get better results?
Formerly known as colomunky.
Bowl! I think the sock is useless. But it might be OK for 2A hair.
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I use a bowl diffuser. Never tried a sock diffuser. I kind of find it hard to believe I could get the same wildly curly result with a sock diffuser than I do with a bowl diffuser.
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Bowl...and just a good tip I got on here. I do not use my bare hands to scrunch into the bowl. I use my microfiber towel to scrunch while diffusing with the bowl
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I've tried both. I definitely have better hair days when I use a bowl diffuser. I'm wondering if I used a MF towel to scrunch while I used a sock diffuser. Does anyone else's hair seem to throw an attitude when you use your hands while drying?
Formerly known as colomunky.
I prefer to air dry, but sometimes I am in a bind and have to diffuse. I have only tried the sock diffuser and have rarely achieved good results.

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Bowl. Definitely bowl.

I've been scrunching and plopping with t-shirts for several months now. I find they work just as good as microfiber towels, and they cost me nothing. I just use old t-shirts that I don't really wear anymore, but are still in good condition. I have plenty so even if one or two sets are in my always-overflowing laundry basket, I'm still good.

I am still a devotee of the pixiecurl diffusing techinique. The only time my hands touch my hair is when I'm scrunching in my product(s). Once my hair dries I will scrunch out the crunch if needed and/or do little touch-ups. But until the hair is completely dry, it's hands off for as long as possible.

The plopping and diffusing combo does more to enhance and control my curls than any product has ever done. The right products are key, but the plop + diffuse is the magic bullet for me. Without one or both, my hair can be a wacky mess.
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