heat damaged, color treated 2c: where to start?


I stumbled upon this site- I would never have thought of myself as a "naturally curly" girl, but I do have some natural wave in my hair. My hair seems to fit the description of a 2c -- thick, coarse, frizzy with a little bit of wave here and there.

I have to color my hair every 3-4 weeks to cover up the gray (I won't even consider stopping this at this point).

My biggest problem right now is that I've damaged the top layer of my hair (towards the front) with over-zealousness with the straight iron. That's the only thing that's every really worked for me to get the straight unfrizzy hair I desire, but now even that's not working very well with the damaged hair.

Can some of you please recommend a regimen and products to start with to get my hair into better shape? I'm willing to try to work WITH the waves in my hair instead of trying to obliterate them. I just can't stand the frizzies!!
Hello. I'm not exactly a 2c, but I do have thick, wavy hair.

I used to straighten my hair and/or pull it back EVERYDAY! After I stopped straightening and putting it up...I started seeing my natural wave pattern come back (and less frizz)...not immediately, but not too long after. So I'd definitely say ditch the straightening, and don't put your hair up everyday (occassionally is okay)---I'm not sure if you do that anyway, but I know I did.

When I stopped coloring my hair, that also helped with my frizzes and dryness, but I see you say that isn't an option.

I can't recommend a regimine for you personally, but I can tell you what worked for me. I've gone modified CG (if you haven't really explored the site, this is probably best explained in the general forum).

Lastly, this forum isn't as active as many others. You may get more replies if you post in the general forum and address wavies in the subject. Hope that helped?
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I can't give you a specific routine, but I can give you more tips. Since you are willing to work with your waves, if you want to blow dry, put some gel or mousse in your hair and blow dry with a diffuser.
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Welcome to the site!
Have you ever considered using a more gentle hair color? I don't know what you are using now but when I used to color my hair with store bought brands it definitely made my hair more frizzy and dry. There are natural dyes you can get from the health food store and there's also robert craig (www.robertcraig.com). I recommend Robert Craig, I think it actually helped my curl formation when I was first going natural (after straightening my hair a lot). Of course everyone's hair is different but it is a much more gentle hair dye.
Also I would recommend starting out with Jessicurl products(www.jessicurl.com). I highly recommend her Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment, it literally made my hair spring to life the first time I used it. Maybe you can get one of her trial size collectons (one that matches your hair type) so you can see what products of hers you like without paying the full price for all her products. Also I highly recommend getting the Curly Hair book by Lorraine Massey, it's definitely worth your time to read and try some of her suggestions. There is a section in the book specifically for wavy hair.
Well this is a really long post but I just wanted to give you some ideas on where to start. HTH.
oops double post
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I recommend Jessicul products too- the trial packs are a great way to see if they work for you. My hair is naturally very coarse and frizzy, and I bleach it to within an inch of its life, in addition to having flat-ironed it for the past 2 years. After using Jessicul products my hair actually felt soft, which is pretty much unheard of for me!
With regards to encouraging your natural waves, I've found gentle scrunching to be the key...as well as Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl book, try www.jessicurl.com for some tips on styling curly hair.
2C platinum bottle blonde
Currently in love with Kusco-Murphy Lavender Hair Creme! And Redken Extreme Fuel treatment as a daily conditioner.
- Try and use products that are curl friendly. ie. no harsh chemicals & nothing that requires harsh shampoos to wash out.
- Deep treat your hair once a week.
- The hardest part will be growing the damaged hair out. Depending on how bad the damage is, you might not be able to undo it. This means the damaged part needs to be grown out & chopped off.

I echo everybodys recomendation of Jessicurl. I use the deeptreatment & it makes my hair feel soft & manageable.
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Hi callalily, and welcome! I have one word for you - moisture. It will give you the most dramatic improvement, almost immediately. Your hair is damaged, and it can't have too much at this point. Also be careful of protein - although the treatments are designed for damage, if your hair is sensitive, they will do much more harm than good.

Second - put away the straightener! It is only compounding the dryness, and you will never find your natural wave while you are using it. I color my hair as well, covering the ugly grey, and after hanging around this forum and the long hair community, my hair is in the best shape ever. Do some searches on moisture - you will find a wealth of tips and tricks. Best of luck!

ps - here is the link for the long hair community - you don't have to have long hair to benefit! Lots of wavies and curlies here too!


Hope this helps!
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