My hair seems to be getting straighter! Help!

I'm fairly new to allowing my hair to be wavy. Before, I used to wash my hair about once a week and iron it straight. As you can see from my avatar, my hair is highly bleached (and super damaged) I've been following a modified CG program for about 2 weeks (I've been using Jessicurl- cleansing my scalp with HCC about every 2-3 days, leaving some conditioner (TS) in, scrunching in RR & CCSS while soaking wet, scrunching with towel, then air drying). I don't wet my hair every day cos it takes 12 hours to dry naturally (no joke!). I'm finding that it looks straighter than it did before I started!!Did anyone else find this? Am I over-conditioning or something? Or is it rebellious teenager syndrome- once I let it do its own thing, it doesn't want to do it anymore?

come to think of it, my routine doesn't look much like CG at! am confused!
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Maybe the TS! is weighing your hair down. Maybe switching to a lighter conditioner would do the trick. Or maybe leaving some of the TS in and not rinsing it completely might be weighing down your waves. What you could try is rinsing out the TS completely and use a spray leave in conditioner or dilute the TS in a spray bottle. I found with my own hair that I have to wash it more often than what the CG routine suggests. From your pictures your waves look great. Very nice, defined, and healthy.
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Yes, I agree with colomunky.. I love Too Shea, but it is definitely too heavy to be used as a leave-in, in fact a few curlies use it as a DT instead of WDT! I know that when I used Too Shea as a regular conditioner I noticed that my curls were more stretched out, so that may be what's causing your hair to be straighter. Try a lighter conditioner like colomunky suggested and let us know how that goes!
Thanks guys! I tried the Jessicurl Aloeba (I have a Try it All pack) and my waves were heaps better today- a lot bouncier! I did a honey rinse also. I also used a bit of gel-based curl enhancer (a budget Sunsilk one-has no cones, surprisingly!) with the RR & CCSS and found this gave me much better results. I think my hair needs something with a bit more substance than RR, perhaps! Curlessence, I noticed in your sig that you use Curls products..have you used the souffle? how did you find it for curl enhancement & hold?
2C platinum bottle blonde
Currently in love with Kusco-Murphy Lavender Hair Creme! And Redken Extreme Fuel treatment as a daily conditioner.
Hi jam*tart, I'm glad that we were able to help I love honey rinses too and I always do it whenever I wash my hair! Helps to enhance curl and bring out shine.. When you say your hair needs more substance, do mean like more hold? If so, you could try using a stronger hold gel since RR only has a light hold. I just started experimenting with the Souffle this weekend, and it works really well for me when paired with a gel on top. It has a very light hold, so I add gel on top since I like a lil more hold. Anyway, this stuff is great! It enhanced my curls just as good as my AG Re:coil and Boots, plus it moisturized and defined my curls very well
I was a little scared to put honey in my hair at first (even though it was diluted!), but was pleasantly surprised by the results!
yep, I guess I do mean more hold...I also prefer a thicker texture for styling products, something like a thick cream or gel. I'd like more definition as well (but not more volume! my hair is naturally pretty big). Your hair looks great in your pics! I was thinking of trying the souffle, partly cos I'm a sucker for hair products that are named after food , and also the Re:Coil...I want to try a few different curl enhancers to see which works best for me! I just wish more of these products were available in Australia!the shipping can be pretty pricey!
2C platinum bottle blonde
Currently in love with Kusco-Murphy Lavender Hair Creme! And Redken Extreme Fuel treatment as a daily conditioner.
Thanks for the compliment I think you'd like the Curls Souffle since it's thick and you like thicker products! Recoil is also another good curl enhancer, as well as Boots - they're thick, but not as thick as CS. Another curl enhancer you might want to consider is the Curls Naturally Enhanced Curl Lotion. It's not a thick creamy product, but it enhanced my curls well and made them silky and soft!! Have you tried any gels yet? The Aussie combo (Aussie Dual Gel+h20 paired w/ Aussie Tizz No Frizz) has good hold and is my regular gel. I just tried Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel and it has good hold too! Those two gels should be pretty easy for you to find HTH

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