Has any wavies tried Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream?

I have read, on the other forums, how great this stuff is...

But does it work for Wavies also? And did you like it?
Hi! I'm mostly a wavy (3a depending on the products I use) and I use this cream. It's inexpensive to try. It's weird, though, so don't freak when you open it .. green, thick and stringy. I think most of use mix it in our hands and put it on soaking wet hair and either rake/scrunch or scrunch in. I use a microfiber towel to scrunch it in then diffuse.
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I bought this product on Friday and used it this weekend. I liked the results i got with it. I didn't put it on really wet hair, i sort of followed the directions on the product. I washed my hair (non CG) and conditioned like normal. Then i got out of the shower and scrunched some of the water out. I added a little bit of a curl activator by Charles Worthington. Then I began to diffuse. When it was damp I applied the GF.

I am totally new to wearing my hair wavy/curly but i liked the big soft curls I had.
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I've tried this a couple of times. Its working better today I think because I used a curl activator (homeade epsom salt spray) first. When I used the GF alone, it was a bit heavy, although that time I raked it in instead of scrunching it in. Maybe the raking weakened my waves, I'm not sure. Although I thinks its a good styling cream, I'm not very good at products yet.
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This product works best for me as a finishing pomade - and, the consistency is just like a pomade. I love this stuff though!! It works really well on my hair. I just follow my normal hair routine and then when my hair is damp, I rub my hands together until this Curl Cream is melted and scrunch into my hair upside down and right side up. It is awesome.
I heard the reviews on this and looked for it at Wal-Mart yesterday. The only one they had was dented in so much that I couldn't even read the directions. Oh well, I'll look for it at Target tomorrow. Sounds like something that might work well for my 2b hair.
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I got some at Target Fri after KimberKurl mentioned it earlier...I love it! 1st day and if lucky enough for 2nd day, then too!
I like the cream. If I'm using a gel or mousse that doesn't work so well I just put the cream in, about halfway through drying, and it helps. Yesterday and today I put it in right after Garnier curl mousse, while the hair is still very wet, and the curls were much more pronounced.
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Anyone currently using this?
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i have this. i used it and it does make your curls/waves more pronounced. and it is a very weird consistency, but hey it works. i warm it up in my hands to "activate" it and then i just scrunch it in.
There was talk of it being discontinued...

so I'm not so sure about this one
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Do you mean the Garnier Fructis Curl Construct Mousse?
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