with all the hype about these products on the boards, i really want to try these out... but i don't know if my hair type would be friends with them.

in fact, i'm at a place where my hair doesn't seem to be friendly with ANY hair products. no matter what, i end up with frizz, unruly and undefined waves/curls (it's like my hair can't decide if it wants to go with it's 2b-ness or 3a-ness, so it freaks out instead ), and my hair ends up in a ponytail or haphazard updo.

i've tried just about everything, it seems. this week alone, i've used:
set it free with re:coil (yuck)
aveda be curly alone (yuck)
aveda be curly with biolage gelee (ew)
l'oreal anti-frizz gel (lovely once, awful the second time)
jessicurl RR and CCSS (sort of okay, but still frizz and not HG material)

i've diffused and air dried. i've done deep treatments. and i just want to cry because i can't find something that works! if it works once, it never works the same again.


am i destined to hate my hair forever?
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