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I got complimented on my waves for the first time since starting curly girl! Maybe they were just being nice, because I look a little frizzy. But anyway, all I did after my water-wash was scrunch dry with a microfiber towel and diffuse a little bit. The waves have held and are soft. One side of my head waves differently than the other, but I'm trying not to let it bother me. I recently saw a picture of myself at 2 yrs. old, and even then one side of my head had totally different curls than the other.
Have any other of you wavies tried going productless?
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That is great about the compliment! I went sans products on Saturday and I really liked the look (other then the extra oil I had from my oil treatment) I'm trying out a new shampoo (organic) and I'm hoping that I will be able to cut back on the products all together. I'm not a girly girl. Even using Gel hurts my pride - LOL! I got my first compliment today too dispite SERIOUS rain frizz. Horray for CG!!

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I'm a wavy and for the last few days, I've been using Biosilk Smoothing Balm as a leave-in and nothing else but maybe a little GF Soft Curl Cream after it's all dry to give it some oomph.

My left side is a little looser than my right and when I use gel to get it a little curlier, it curls looser than the right. The nature of wavy/curly hair .
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I agree, yeah for Curly Girl! My hair is getting better and better, and I'm saving so much money on shampoo. I used to use tons of shampoo, lathering twice each time every other day, now I lather once, only once a week.
Its good to know that the lopsidedness is fairly common too. When I used to blow my hair straight, it would still have a flip up on oneside, and under on the other, so this wavy lopsidedness doesn't look any sillier than that IMO.
Have any of you wavies had luck with a satin pillowcase? I always have to comb my hair on the second day, but I wondered if I would have less messiness with the sating pillowcase.
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I use a high count thread (300) and don't have alot of trouble. I do get some frizzies overnight, but I just spray with water in a spray bottle and smooth it out a bit. My biggest frizz factor is now my kids! They love to touch my hair and when it's wet that spells disaster!

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My hair is past lopsided, at times, it's almost as if one side is wavy and one side is straight. For times of desperation when I had long hair, I kept a set of steam curlers so that I could curl the straight side. It was part of the reason I cut all my hair off - the sides just didn't match! Of course, now I realize that it's the nature of the beast (so to speak) and a little product and scrunching might even things out once my hair get a bit longer.
Or, failing that, I've now developed a huge collection of barrettes.
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I went productless yesterday! Had great spiral curls! My hair tends to be more curly on the right side and more wavy on the left side. I love it. :P
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