2c/3a's-no styling products?

lol, sounds like it is here in Texas. The weather can change at the drop of a hat. Yesterday it was 85 degrees and GORGEOUS, sunny, slightly humid... today the high's 50, overcast and somehow kind of dry (and WINDY).

Sucks to live in a place like that. If the weather's more predictable, you can take a more scientific approach to what will and won't work with your hair. But when the weather adds that many variables, it REALLY is just a trial and error thing, IMO.
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mostly error with me, I have never yet had a great hair day except literally on June 10, 2006. It was super windy and the temp. was 50 degrees with no humidity. I had to blow dry my hair for a party so I stood on my balcony and brushed it dry using windpower. It actually came out looking pretty glossy and shiny and smooth, and that's the last day in memory that my hair actually did what I wanted it to.

The reason I'm so specific was because it was my parents 40th wedding anniversary and it was critical to have good hair that day.

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