Frustrated As Can Be - Stylist Finding

With regards to the ankle, it's a bad sprain. A really, really bad sprain. And if one more person tells me that it would have been less painful and faster to heal if I had broken it, I will punch them in the head.

People are so dumb. It's just a myth that a sprained ankle is worse than a broken one. I've had a broken ankle, and it took YEARS to heal.
Actually, thanks for telling me that. I now have a response to the innumerable number of people who feel they have to comment on the brace (the cast - and now the aircast - is non-affectionately called "footsie").

I had a lot of swelling with this injury. I mean, a lot. To the point that for every 30 minutes I had my leg down, I had to go lie down and put the leg up above heart level so that my heart could get the fluid out. Otherwise there was the risk of infection. I've seen three doctors, had four sets of x-rays, and I have been essentially locked in this house for a MONTH because it's kind of hard to go lie down and put your foot up above your heart when you've passed the 30 minute mark at the drugstore.

This was a really serious injury, to the extent that surgery was mentioned and scared me to death. But nothing was broken, so people (who were not doctors, my best friend, or my husband) figured "hey, no big deal, she's just got a sprained ankle."

Anyway, this is why I've been so active on the messageboards. The Internet is my only connection to the outside world and I went into a store and SPENT MONEY for the first time since April today.
Okay, it was on hair stuff, but still.
Not curly, but wavy. Learning to love it.
Valiantly attempting to become a product minimalist.
[/quote]that flatirons don't damage hair as long as you use product with them

What planet do they live on? I'd like to visit.....

My requirement for a stylist is that they are able to straighten my hair with a round brush and blow dryer. If they don't have that level of skill, they don't cut my hair. I often have noticed that at salons that use flatirons at every station all the stylists have FRIED hair.... they have siliconed and producted it to look OK, but you can still tell that the ends are FRIED.

Sorry about your ankle....I had foot surgery a few months ago and was miserable for a while. Not to mention that now, 5 months later, I am starting to get KELOIDS!!! WtF? Just in time for sandal season.

2C in most weather, but in summertime I impersonate a 3 very very well!

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