awesome hair this morning, but flat after few hours

Fellow wavies, what do you use in your hair to hold its shape? I had the best hair I've ever had this morning. I have very thick hair which takes all day to air-dry. I tried an overnight plop. Still damp this morning but it air-dried in an hour. I did not have to touch my hair dryer! It went flat after a few hours though. (still more waves than normal but definitely not as defined as this morning)

I used HE SMU hairspray. It looks like many of you use only a gel. Do you find that gels hold well enough without using hairspray? If so, which ones are good? Also how do you scrunch out the crunch without messing up the waves and gettting frizzy hair?
Sorry for late reply!

I always feel like, once my hair is styled, the slow process of flattening and/or "poofing" begins. I think that's just the nature of the beast, at least in my case. But there are lots of things you can do to extend that time.

1) Yes, lots of us use gel. BRHG (biosilk rock-hard) is the hard-hold gel that lots seem to love. (I've never used it). I use a softer hold gel (Biolage) but it works well for me. Lots of people love a number of the Herbal Essences gels -- body envy, totally twisted, and set me up. You may just have to play around a bit.

Not everybody scrunches out the crunch, but if your hair is completely dry, many of us are able to scrunch without frizzing. To help with this, you can coat your hands with a mosturizing product first -- I sometimes use a drop of jojoba oil -- others use things like Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine (kind of a buttery product). I've even done it with a very light coating of conditioner or leave-in conditioner on my hands.

Personally, I mix my gel with leave-in conditioner at this time of year. Others use curl creams. There are literally millions of things to try; you may just have to read around a bit. If you use a creamier product, you don't have to scrunch -- but you may get less hold.

Good luck!

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thanks! Yes I've figured out that I need a gel, then wait to scrunch until it's completely dry. I have very thick hair though and I get impatient.

btw, since finding this site I've never been so obsessed over my hair!
I'm in the same boat. I just don't know yet what to use to keep the curl!
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Needing a hairspray occasionally and having finally used up my pre-CG Bumble & Bumble and not liking the strong frangrance of the two Aussie ones I used, I decided to try HESMU. It has very negligible hold compared to BRHG or LALSG. It did not do what I need it to. If I'm going to abuse my hair with an alcohol-based hairspray occasionally, I want it to at least work!

I'd rather put up with the smell of Aussie Instant Freeze or Catch the Wave until I find something better.

However, generally, if I use LA Looks Sports Gel, Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee or Deva ArcAngell, I don't even need a spray - just sometimes if the heavy side of my 'face frame' is driving me crazy. Even BRHG, hard as it is, scrunches out OK if there's a little leave-in conditioner and/or KCCC or a curl cream under it.

All that said, I'm probably curlier than some of you. A lot of wavies like JoiWhip mousse. Even with it they often top it with a little gel for hold.

Whatever, wait until fully dry to SOTC or you'll probably get frizz and probably won't retain the curl.
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