Frizz control!!!

So how do you girls go about controlling the inevitable frizz? I feel like gel alone isn't cutting it. I long for some kind of light serum, but I know cones are a no-no. Is there anything else that gives your waves a nice, sleek shine?
2c-Coarse and Porous.
Experimenting with products right now.

My routine:
Low poo for scalp
Condition using icequeen method
rake in gel at scalp
scrunch with microfiber towel
scrunch in more gel side to side
pixiecurl diffuse side to side

My hair hates:
Upside down diffusing
Upside down Plopping
Right now I am having really good luck with Kbb ss as a leave in and HE mousse. I use 2 pumps of leave in and 2 big puffs of mousse in soaking wet hair. I have had great defined curls and zero frizz that lasts all day.
Curl creme and leave ins help me out with the frizz. My hair is very frizzy without them and only slightly frizz with them. If you do really want a serum there was a thread in the General Discussions about curly hair board within the last few days that was CG friendly.

Edit: Found the thread!
Using: Testing new stuff

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