do any of you have layered lengths

I am going to a CG stylist this week and she was talking with me about cutting layers into my hair to lighten up the weight. It is waist length and I told her I wanted more root volume and more wave at the crown.

Do any of you have layered lengths in long hair?

Before going CG (only 2 moths ago) I always wore my 2nd day hair brushed (gasp). Since I still just can't get nice clumps and it looks like a mess all that time, I want to reserve the ability to wear it brushed when I am needing to look neat. Brushed it at least looks like wavy hair rather than messy stringlety wanna-be curly (which is what I feel like it looks like on most days)

Anyway, I haven't had layers for years and always thought they looked stupid when brushed out- all frizzly in the ends.

It seems like ya either get a cut for defined curls (which I don't have) or for a brushed out look. Is there one that works for both? What looks best with waves?
My hair is BSL when straight. I have layers in mine. It cuts back on volume and produces better curl.

I think you'll find most wavies and curlies put some layers in.
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I can see the advantages for layers when I try to wear my hair with defined waves (I say try coz I haven't gotten good definition yet) - but if I want to brush it out (gasp) I'm concerned about it being frizzy.
I have layers. My stylist told me that layers help to lighten up the bulk and also enhance the wave pattern.
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helloitsio- do you ever brush out your hair?
helloitsio- do you ever brush out your hair?
Originally Posted by hmixon
Nope. The rare times I do brush it, it's already at the end of the day and I don't have any plans for the evening.
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on those rare times have you noticed that the layered sections look frizzy and make you hair messier or do they blend in ok?
They blend in well. My hair ends up looking somewhat like this after brushing, smoothing on a little bit of creme for frizz control and putting it into a bun:
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My daughter is the curly girl in this house. I had her hair cut into layers a year ago or so and I think it was the best thing I've done. It looks fuller and before it would take on a "bell" type look where the ends were fuller then the roots. Her hair is long - about mid back when wet an mid shoulder blades when dry. The weight pulls the curl from the root and makes it straighter at the roots getting curlier as it goes. I wanted more even curl throughout and the layers acheived this.
thank you both- this is my first cut in 1o years and I'm nervous-- but your answers have calmed my fears a bit so thinks.

liked the photo!!
My hair is almost to the middle of my back when it's wet. I have long layers which seems to make the wave come out more and makes my hair more manageable. For second day hair, I always brush it because it looks a mess and I have to wear my hair up for work (safety issue).
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My hair is long and I have layers too. They're a MUST for me!
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Yes, I have layers. It supposingly makes your hair curlier.
Unfortunately mine are not very curly due to damage from straightening and curling.. haha.
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