Ok, so now what?

Wow, so I've been introduced to this website and I've spent some time reading...maybe not enough..but reading, and now I am utterly confused. Where do I start? I want my curl back!!!

My mom used to put my hair in piggy tails and wrap my hair around her fingers and pull straight down for my ringlets. As I became a teenager, I layered my hair and used mouse and gels to get the curls. The longer my hair got, the less curl I had. I always attributed it to the weight of my hair pulling it out. I may have been wrong...maybe the weight of the products. My hair holds a perm too well.. and when I get the perm it seems like I look like Shirley Temple! That's not how I want my hair!! I'm nearing 40 and want my curl back, but the time I have for myself is extremely limited. I believe I an a 2a after reading the descriptions.

I see so many beautiful curls on this site! I'm jealous. I Thought about getting a spiral perm with huge rods...if that's possible...but I want my hair similar to these:

The big ringlet curls is what I want....

Now, so, I have little time to style so that's why I thought of a large spiral perm. But I would also like to try some good shampoo/conditioner, the co-wash, no-poo, possibly plopping, but where do I start? Any help would br greatly appreciated!!

I'm a proud n00b longing for the return of her curls...

You may want to try CG. Here are sites that give the basic information on how to best care for curly hair. Your curls would probably bounce back with the proper treatment.


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Thanks ewenique! Those sites really helped, especially the dormroomcurly one! I was getting so confused as to what to buy, how to start and whatnot. This helped tremendously. Now that I read, I really don't know what type of hair I have. I guess I will eventually find out when the effects of taking the RIGHT care of my hair start showing up. Now all I need to do is take a picture of the before, and throw away my old shampoos and conditioners, and start fresh!

Also, I was wondering, while I wait for my "expensive" conditioner, can I co-wash and condition with the same conditioner?...I was looking at the Sauve Naturals as so many people have said they use that. But I'm still not sure which conditioning conditioner to get....
You could use the same conditioner to co wash and condition with, but some people find that if you're using a lighter conditioner like a suave to cowash and condition with, it's not giving you enough moisture. On the other hand, if you use a heavier conditioner to do both with, you may risk over conditioning your hair, which can be a problem for people on this side of the boards.

Me, I sometimes use a lighter suave (Green Apple)to cowash with, and then a "heavier" suave conditioner (Coconut) to actually condition with. It took awhile of CG to get my hair to the point of being able to do this because my hair needed something heavier to condition with at first. You could always try it out and see how you feel about it- because we're all so different, you never know until you try . GL!
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If you want to get a cheap thick condish Trader Joe's Nourish is great and $2.99 a bottle. It's always in my rotation. Also Sally's GVP conditioning balm is about $5.50 and Loreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for long curly/wavy hair is about the same price. I rotate all three of these all the time with some Deva OneC too. I actually have 5 dif condish in my shower right now...hehehe.
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Still unsure my hair type...

Here's what my hair looks like today...I will be doing my last sulfate wash and then co-washing with VO5 and conditioning with the same. Once I'm done, I have a t-shirt ready for plopping. I may/may not add some Iso Bouncy Creme...looks ok for CG but still trying to translate everything. I'll plop overnight as my hair always takes so long to dry and it curls better that way. I can sleep in curlers and get great curls the next day LOL

Any more comments, tips, tricks, and suggestions are very much welcomed!
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You look like a mix of 2a/b. My hair was very uneven too before CG and now it's almost all the same. Let us know how the overnight plopping goes...
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