really, is anything good going to

come out of this? I mean i saw all these beautiful transformations (before and after pics) and that's what got me going, but are us wavys sort of doomed? like what is a poetential outcome for us? does anyone have any pics to show me?? are we going to get more wave/curl, healthier hair? what??
I'm on day 4 and am amazed at what as transpired.
day one-

day 4-

Yay! You are seeing results already. I'm so glad. Are you still itching? Do you still have questions? I kept meaning to answer your thread from the other day but I haven't really been on too long in the last few days. In fact I came to the 2s board just to see if I could help you still.
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thanks Jess!
Not itching nearly as bad as yesterday. I did shampoo with an all natural, no sulfate shampoo today.
Okay, I bought Suave has methylisothiazolone and methylchloroisothiazolinone in it.....water soluble????

I am just starting and gettign confused quickly. I thought I saw a list posted, but can't find it now.

Is it suave naturals?
those products sound ok, but i would ask someone who has been doing it for longer, to make for sure.
Yep it's the suave naturals that everyone is posting about "tropical coconut", that's why those two cones threw me off...just curious.
those aren't silicones. Cones end in -cone, -xane and -conol. Various forms of those are water soluble, but in general those are what you should look out for.

the ones listed are preservatives.
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Wow, I feel quite dumb I kept reading cone instead of xone....guess I am hyper paranoid...Thanks.

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