greezy,gross mess today

I'm on day 5 and i do not like my hair today. It looks greasy and dull and frizzy.
Yesterday i did a no sulfate shampoo and then my regular suave natural co-wash and then biofusion deep clean. I used herbal essence totally twisted and some MOP spray pomade. I went a little over board on the mop, I think. Today i did my suave co-was and my bio fusion deep clean and TT. And i hate what i am seeing. Someone help! give me advice, please!!
i don't really like my hair down.... it's too short in the front and goes in my face. My husband hates it when i clip the sides up. Can anyone give me some cute ways to clip up my hair. I have shortish hair. I need some cute clip ideas. Today i clipped two big chunks back with two different clip and the front looked likea greasy mess!!!
It takes awhile for the CG method to kick in. I heard it can take people up to 6 weeks.
Some people even notice that their hair looks worse than when they started because your hair is used to being stripped of it's moisture.
So don't get discouraged. :]
Hair Type: 2b/2c (:

i just feel embarrassed by it at the moment. I just wondered if i did something wrong, or i used too much product? it also is pretty frizzy in some spots
What is the biofusion deep clean? I googled it and couldn't find it. Try using less Mop and use it before you scrunch in TT. Maybe spray the mop in your hand and scrunch in for better distribution. Are you using a leave-in? Also at the end of this video mysteryflavored shows how she clips her hair back. It's much curlier than yours but you could try it.
High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

I'm going through the same thing...seems like no matter what I do my hair is just wrong. It's dry in some spots, tangly and straw like in others, frizzy, and just messy in general. I also had a greasy thing happening over the weekend. I hope it gets better....
2c-Coarse and Porous.
Experimenting with products right now.

My routine:
Low poo for scalp
Condition using icequeen method
rake in gel at scalp
scrunch with microfiber towel
scrunch in more gel side to side
pixiecurl diffuse side to side

My hair hates:
Upside down diffusing
Upside down Plopping
Biofusision is a product sold at walgreens. It's organic (all natural). It has no silicone in it. Do you have a better deep condish treatment for me? i just hate to waste the $$$$ I just spent....but then again, I've always been known to spen too much $$$ on my hair
Yesterday i hated my hair, i washed it again last night .... bu wash i mean co-wash.... i used no deep treatment.
If you're washing with a nopoo, you don't need to cowash in the same day. Biofusion is Walgreen's generic brand. Deep clean sounds like a poo and not a conditioner. I used some of the Biofusion products started using only the more natural products. Didn't care for them and gave them away.

You may be "washing" too much. Before I went CG, I weaned myself to lowpoo every three days while wetting and styling everyday. When I went CG, I cowashed every three days. After six months of cowash, I added natural soap bars into my routine and am much happier.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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I've bought the Curly Girl book, and reading up on what works for others. Recently I've been doing a light shampoo wash once per week, and doing a co-wash 3 other day.

Sunday: Shampoo wash, scalp only.
Tues, Thurs, Sat: Co-Wash. I don't worry about what kind of Conditioner I'm using.

My hair has been feeling super soft and light since. But something I have noticed since doing this is, too much gel or "sticky" type product goes a VERY long way. If I even put a little bit too much I can tell easily and my hair gets a bit matted.

I make my gels into a spray gel w/water. I also this morning added a little bit of Charles Worthington Curl Creme or something. I gotta give a thumbs up to this stuff. I found it in the clearance section of Walgreens and I think I found a gem!

Has a strong smell, but it makes my hair softer with the gel I'm adding. IDK, I know I'm rambling now - I just wanted to add my two cents.

I think it could be your adding too many products after your wash.
3b B ii/iii
Poo/Condish: Wash w/Poo 1x p/w. Co-Wash 4-5x p/w. Whatever is on sale at the Salons!
Leave-in: JF/FE Curl Around, brush out/style.
Curly CURRENTLY: L'Oreal SL Curl Spray/CW Curl Creme/FX Curl Boost Gel/Water Cocktail.
Straight: FE Wind Down, InStyler FE Secret Weapon. Super soft lovely!
thanks guys!
I've only washed-washed it once so far. Other than that,I've been using suave natutral for co-wash. Yesterday i help off on the bio infusion leave-in... but used it today. I def like my hair better today.
oh and i didn't mean to say deep clean, but DEEP condish -the bioinfusion stuff!!
When you co-wash you really need to rub your scalp with you fingertips well because Suave doesn't have the surfactants that shampoos have and so your fingers need to do the work. When I co-wash I spend a good 2 to 3 minutes really massaging my scalp all over. I haven't used the conditioner you are using so I don't have specific advice on it but are you combing with it in? Are you using a comb or just your fingers? I always need a leave-in with gel. I tend to get better product distribution and not so much crunch or messiness. Did you watch mysteryflavored's video on product application? That could really help. Are you diffusing?

I'm talking to you too lazywaves
High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

oh crap, I forgot to watch the video and now I'm at work....I'll check it out tomorrow.
I don't use a comb, I use my fingers. Last night and today i diffused for the first time. Today i diffused only my roots and only for a few minutes. I think i like the look of that.

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