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Hey everybody. I had a site before but everyone had a lot of trouble looking at it. If you have a minute, please click on my new site, password is curls, and see if you can "type" me. I'm calling myself a 2b with some 3a as I do have some spirally action in there. Let me know what ya think!

Wow! Your waves look a lot like mine Your hair looks very healthy and so pretty. Do you mind sharing your routine/products?
2b/2c M iii
Haven't straightened since 4/1/06!
Proud to be a Product Minimalist (PM)
PW: wavy
Wow! Your waves look a lot like mine Your hair looks very healthy and so pretty. Do you mind sharing your routine/products?
Originally Posted by back2nature
Thanks, back2nature! I'm not CG, but my routine is this:

1. I wash way too often, about 4 times a week, with just a dime-sized amount of suave moisturizing shampoo. I rub it together before washing and do only my scalp. I used to use about a palm-full and just kinda plop it onto the top if my head. This is working better, so I'm heading towards less shampoo anyway!
2. I use a lot of garnier fructis for flat/lifeless hair (my hair is pretty fine), leave it in a couple minutes and then comb thru with a pick in the shower. I rinse with warm, then upside down with cold (mainly to keep all the cold water off of me )
3. I gently scrunch with a towel until I'm no longer all drippy, then spray in a bit of pantene leave in with uv protector/heat shield. Sometimes I use suave mousse at this point... I'll take a palm sized amount and finger comb thru hair and then more to scrunch, and sometimes I use garnier spray curl defining gel - it depends on my mood and on the weather. In southeastern KY where I live, it's humid much of the time and rains a bit every day during the summer soooo right now I'm using both except on non-humid days. Sometimes I even spray the gel into the mousse and run it all thru my hair.
4. I almost always dry with a diffuser. Air drying takes too long and is not practical for me, plus I can't leave my hair alone while I do that!! I flip my head upside down and take a section, kinda scrunch into the bowl of the diffuser all the way up to my scalp and turn it on high. I then switch back and forth between high and low cuz I don't want to do too much damage but I also am too impatient to stand bent over upside down drying my hair for half an hour!! If it gets too hot I'll do a cool blast. I dry it till it's almost totally dry and then finish up on cool/high.
5. If I'm kinda fuzzy (like on a humid day) I'll use some biosilk or even sometimes a bit of spray gel again. I mix it with a tad bit of water in my hand and run back through.

Wow, that sounds complicated, but its just what I do all the time and it doesn't take as long as I took to explain it! hehe. Sorry, I get way too long winded sometimes...

I like my hair now, but I let it dry the other day without doing anything to it and it was CURLIER but not very defined. I used to have really curly hair so I'm thinking of trying the CG method; I'm wondering if I've weighed down my curls.. Like the spirally parts of my hair in one of those pics - my whole head was like that when I was younger, but tighter curls! So I don't know.. I may try it. I'm still reading about it!

How has it made a difference in your hair?? Your hair is really pretty and looks really healthy, too!
Thank you so much! Your routine and my routine are similar too

CG has helped me restore health back to my hair, but I will never be a true "curly" head. My hair has always been just wavy. I will probably never get real spirals unless I use a curling iron or something to that effect. But CG has also helped me to love my hair just the way it is, and that's something! That picture is acutally a few months old. My hair is even wavier now! (I think it has something to do with the weather.)

I also shampoo, but only twice a week, and with a very gentle, moisturizing shampoo. (Sometimes Ouidad, sometimes Terax Miele.) I use lots of conditioner and a moisturizing mousse. Then I clip the roots, diffuse for about ten minutes, and I'm done. For someone who used to blow dry straight for 45 mintues every other day, this is an amazing thing. LOL

Don't worry about being long winded...I love hearing other people's routines. That must make me weird or something. hehehe

If you want to try and see your "curl potential", I say go for it!!! Maybe cut back on the shampoos at first. And leave some of the heavier products out and replace with super moisturizing ones? I think it would be great to have more curls. Keep reading and do what's best for you. I feel like I still need to shampoo in order for my hair to look nice and healthy. Some people don't. It's all up to you and your hair! Good luck and keep us posted.
2b/2c M iii
Haven't straightened since 4/1/06!
Proud to be a Product Minimalist (PM)
PW: wavy
Ooops, double post.
2b/2c M iii
Haven't straightened since 4/1/06!
Proud to be a Product Minimalist (PM)
PW: wavy
Very nice! I'd say your a 2b-3a mix, because you don't have the thickness of 2c, but your hair is very wavy. I'm not a typing expert though!
2B wavy thick hair
Fia=2a M iii
modified CG since 1/12/06
Hey, I'm sorry, somehow I missed your post! I just now saw it

I am a 2a/b by the typing system on this website, but by the FIA (I think that's what its called) I'm actually a 2c. I like that system better because the 2's are classified by curliness instead of by thickness or texture. It's kinda silly that one person with fine wavy hair could be a 2a with hardly any wave and another person with fine wavy hair be a 2a when they are nearly curly. Just my opinion

Anyhow, thanks for your input. I do have to say I have changed my routine now. I'm trying a modified CG and haven't shampooed since last Tuesday in the traditional sense. I have been using CO washes instead and have yet to try a sulfate free poo but I'm gonna order one tonight to use every 10 days or so, as needed.

So far, so good
Your hair is similar to mine. I am a 2c. Mine is wavy but they look like spiral twists at the same time. I think it looks sooo cool like that. (Yours is awesome) I am hoping mine will get to where my whole head looks like that. I just started CG this week. But yours are the first pics I have run into where its spiraly, tiwsty waves like i have. Yours looks WAY better than mine though!

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