'cone product recommendations??

I posted this on the curly board a while back, but thought I'd try here, now that we sort of have our own forum together

Any non-CG wavies have good products or conditioners that have some cones but NO protein? I know Curls Rock, but that's not working for me right now. I'll take drug store or salon-type recommendations.

Frizz control is #1 factor right now. Oh and I'm staying away from the hard-to-get-out cyclo-cones...cyclomethicone, etc.

any rec's?
Back on sulfates and cones! HE TTwisted Condish, HE Color Me poo, Curls Spiral Curl Cream, sometimes Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier.
I would second the request for good conditioners with 'cones (especially the kind that detangle coarse hair!). I'm reluctantly falling off the CG wagon- kinda scared because my hair was a nightmare BEFORE I started CG, but for the past month or so it's been just as bad. I'm sticking with CG-friendly stylers for now, though. (Mainly because I have so much that I need to use up, and it works.)

Cornflower- does your hair like cream stylers or gel more? I was going to suggest trying HEHDG, but I think it has protein in it. Let me see if I can find a list for you, I think there's one floating around on NC.com somewhere.

ETA: I couldn't find the darned list (they ought to make it a sticky), but here are a few products I stumbled on in other threads, with no cones or proteins:

Suave Aloe Frizz Control gel
Aussie Tizz No Frizz Gel
Aveda Brilliant FORMING Gel
Got2Be Spiked Up Gel
Trevor Sorbie Sliquid

My day is done, so I have to head home... I know Sweetpeacurli and laurabeth33 have both posted lists of products in this area, so you may want to PM one of them and see if they have a list handy. HTH!
I like cream stylers (used Curls Rock and Spiral Curls Cream a lot), but nothing seems to be working in the summer, so I 've switched to gels. Really, still looks like crap most days. I tried HEHDG a few months back and it has protein. Could be I'm over-conditioning. Friggin' mystery.

I just got some NECL in a swap. Going to try that under gel tomorrow.
Back on sulfates and cones! HE TTwisted Condish, HE Color Me poo, Curls Spiral Curl Cream, sometimes Tigi Curls Rock Amplifier.
I found the list I was looking for! Phew, about damn time. It would have bugged me for the rest of the night if I hadn't. Oy.


They're cone free mostly, some listed have water-soluble cones.

I think a lot of wavies/curlies switch to gels during the summer months. I prefer cream stylers myself, since gel seems to hate my hair. Have you tried re:coil? Also, Curl Keeper seems to work for lots of hair types (it's like a gel in liquid form), and you can minimize crunch by layering it under Boots or some other cream.

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