I'm new around here - just joined - and I've noticed that a big complaint many wavies have is that you can barely move your head without something going wrong. I find a great way to at least somewhat avoid lopsided, frizzy hair on "the morning after" is by clipping up your hair at night. What I usually do is:

1) flip my head over
2) gather the hair from the front and sides as though you're making a half-ponytail
3)whle holding the hair in place, flip back rightside up, and clip the hair in place, right on the top of your head.

This way, the front and sides are mostly protected from frizz. The underside will get frizzy, but once you let you're hair down in the morning, that's not such an issue. This will pull some of the curl out of the front, so time must be taken in the morning to spritz and scrunch, and clip up the roots in the way prescribed by Lorraine Massey in Curly Girl to avoid a flat top. This does take time to dry, but it sure beats restyling your hair completely on "the morning after."

I'll do some sketches and post them to clarify the process, if needed. It was actually my best friend and fellow curly girl who came up with the idea. It feels kinda weird to sleep on at first, but after awhile, its difficult to sleep with your hair in your face. And the clip is directly on top of your head, so it shouldn't interfere with your rest no matter how you sleep.

Hope that helps [/i]