Soap bars?

Need you guys to help me with your recommendations on a good soap bar for low-pooing. Suggestions, where to order, prices would be awesome!!!

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Hair loves: super soaking/ protein/ ACV rinses
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Kathymack sells them. I would recommend that route. Also, when i was actually using soap bars (can't anymore) I thought KBB charm bar was really good
I might try one today for shiz and giggles.
I found my charm bar on the swap board.
Like wavy wonder said, kathymack sells them. They are reasonably priced and I love them!
Chagrin Valley has shampoo bars as well, but I haven't tried them yet. They are more expensive.
Cleanser: Liquid Castile Soap diluted in a foaming soap dispenser
ACV rinse
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+1 about Kathymack. A lot of us also like Chagrin Valley soap and shampoo bars...there's a lot of info on their site about their soaps and ingredients. Their soap bars are a little more expensive but also a bigger bar. HTH.
$5 off first order at iherb use code KEY066
The soap bars Kathy Mack sells are really nice, I use them on my body too. I also like the J.R. Liggett shampoo bar, which I can buy locally for around $7 at Wholefoods and other health food type stores.

The Chagrin Valley shampoo & soap bars left my hair feeling waxy and coated, even with using a vinegar rinse. I haven't experienced that problem with other soap/shampoo bars.
Type 2b. Wash: WEN pomegranate or fig. Leave-in conditioner: Alaffia beautiful curls for wavy hair, Spiral Solutions Protein spray. Style: Curls In A Bottle, Ecostyler, or KCCC.
Another vote for the ones kathymack sells...the Chagrin Valley ones are nice, but have mineral oil in them, which your hair may or may not care for. HTH
Wavy/Curly Hair (2b, 2c & 3a)
Hair Texture: Fine
Hair Porosity: Low to Normal
Hair Density: Medium
I don't think the CV bars have mineral oil in them, but they do have castor oil. That can be problematic for some people, but not all.
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Oooops, that's what I meant, castor oil, not mineral! Thanks for the correction.
Wavy/Curly Hair (2b, 2c & 3a)
Hair Texture: Fine
Hair Porosity: Low to Normal
Hair Density: Medium
Sorry if this is a super-dumb question...but do the soap bars have sulfates?

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Sorry if this is a super-dumb question...but do the soap bars have sulfates?

Originally Posted by mosuna
Actually, it's not. Some of the Lush shampoo bars do have sulfate. I have to be careful with my soap ingredients. The Chagrin Valley bars made my hair dry and frizzy, I think it was the castor oil. My hair hates castor oil.
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I just used Kathymack's soap bars for the first time last week. A+++ I loved them and for someone like me with extremely fragile hair that means a lot!
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I just got one of those shikiai ko-ka-ke-ki LOL, bars yesterday. I think i'm off to soak my aching bones in the bath and will try out this bar will of course post results, jeez, I'm for something

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