OT: Do you take stuff on this board personally?

Though I am not a huge poster on this site, I lurk around all the time looking for advice or hair product reviews, and occasionally chiming in when I think I can be of help to someone asking a question... but I never venture over to the non-wavy boards, especially not the non-hair-related boards. I respect people's right to their own opinions, and would hope they would do the same for me. I have never felt much of any animosity on the wavy board.

On a subject like abortion, however, I think the problem is that there is no grey area and no room for compromise. It is a fundamental disagreement that I would think doesn't have too many people who change their opinion. Kind of like believing or not believing in God. Neither side will ever waver, and the belief is so deep-seated that one side cannot even understand how the other side could think as they do. Again, I respect that there are others that do not believe what I believe, but I just rarely feel the need to engage them in debate about it. I'll stick to the happy discussions about hair gel

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I have been a member here for a long long long time. You see the same people stirring the same pots making the same arguments over and over. It's like a dog that barks at the mailman, meaningless.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.

You know why pandas are endangered? Cause pandas ain't got no game.

Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite.
It's like a dog that barks at the mailman, meaningless.
Originally Posted by gekko422
That's a great analogy, Gekko.

Glad you're feeling better too, btw.
"It's a wonder God suffers so many fools, what with lightening so cheap"~Mark Twain

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Democracy is not a spectator sport.

You know why pandas are endangered? Cause pandas ain't got no game.

Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite.
I also do not venture out of the hair boards, everyone here has been lovely! and for taking things too seriously, it's just the internet, you can always, hypothetically, walk away from the situation.
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But not over a difference of opinion. But when others have a lack of respect for mine or try and force their ideas on me it really bugs me. Or when they are being mean just to be mean, it is immature and I think it shows a lack of education.

For example, I have a really hard time with my little sister in law. Bless her heart. (ummm... no not really) We have a very different view on vaccinations. I don't care if we have a different view, but when she calls me a bad mom for my much researched, and much thought over what I have decided would be best for my child it really gets my panties in a twist. Especially because she has no idea what she is talking about. Let alone the fact she can't even take care of her own life. But it is ignorance like that which can tare families, and friendships apart.

Can I just say "can't we all just get along?"
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I do occasionally take things personally. I think that's human. Especially when people say things like, "Well, if you think/do such-and-such you must be a so-and-so kind of person (insert pejorative adjective here). But I also understand that this is just going to happen on a message board where people freely express opinions. I'm sure I've done it to others.

rabbit24 nailed it -- it happens on those hot-button topics where people's opinions are not going to change. I need to learn to stay out of those threads. There's probably nothing to be gained there.

I agree that, overall, people are very nice and supportive. Not just on the hair boards. And even the hair boards can get testy! I've seen a couple of trainwrecks over there that have had me shaking my head....

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