Satin sakks

Do any of you guys use these?

I'm finding myself obsessing over my newfound curls(!) and being miffed that my underneath bits swirl and twirl and wind like mad, but my canopy is being stubborn.

I'm wondering if wrapping really does help that much for we more lackadaisical hair types?

Is it really worth 20 bucks that I could spend at EW?
"It's a wonder God suffers so many fools, what with lightening so cheap"~Mark Twain

Lady Eklecktika Fidens of Caduceus
I got one to keep curls nice while sleeping and didn't really care for it. It just squashed them. Woke up with flat straight hair. Only difference was it wasn't as frizzy. Eh, oh well. If you want it PM me and I'll mail it to you.
We have one for my daughter. Not our favorite. It doesn't stay on very easily at all.

Check out ones from Sally's..the ones that have the band on not the elastic--about $3-4 and works great!
FIA 2c/3aFi

Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!


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