i.e. Is that a sign that it's a good conditioner for you?

I've been wondering about this. I have several rinse-out/leave in COs in rotation, several of which are heavy but which my hair doesn't soak up (AO Swimmer's, Hugo Naturals Coconut & Acai). They also don't seem to provide as much slip as the Inecto Moisture CO, which my hair drinks. I have to use more of it, but it feels somehow more effective. Wondering if these two things are related.

FIA 2a-c, ii.
Combo. fine/low porosity & coarse/porous.
Stylers: All-in-one spray, FSG, KCCC
Also using: Inecto condish, WW Tiare Pomade
Dislikes: soap bars, glycerin, protein.
Yawns at: all gels (even LALSG), Seamollient.