Deva in a Movie...

I was home early Friday in prep for the snow we were getting and I was watching What Happen in Vegas Stays in Vegas on On Demand. There was a shot of Cameron Diaz's bathroom and she had Deva products on the shelf, but I couldn't tell which ones.

Just seemed weird to me since she has straight hair.
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Haha that's funny. But what it probably is, is that the set decorator(s) just liked the way the bottles look and didn't really know much about the product, or assume that people would notice. I work in film and tv and I've been on productions where the beauty products in a scene don't in any way apply to the actress that they're supposed to be for. One example was when the actress was of Chinese and German descent, and the foundation out on her vanity was for much darker skin. You could clearly see the color of the foundation through the glass. It was sloppy work on a very low budget film. But the cosmetics were from Body & Soul, a company with great packaging.

Set decorators are attracted to packaging that's colorful, bright and pretty, for the most part. It just contributes to a better shot. The Deva products have really cute packaging, and if whoever worked on set dressing for that movie was really passionate and creative, he or she could have been thinking as much in detail as finding products with packaging that would complementary to Cameron Diaz' coloring. Especially if they used the Deva Curl products with the green packaging, I could definitely see that.

Or it could have just been that they needed to fill the (I assume it was a) bathroom up for the shot, and somebody in set dressing ran over to the hairstylists for some products. Hairstylists and makeup artists on set will pretty much always bring their own products and tools with them, so maybe one of them uses Deva products.

That's pretty cool, though!

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