OT: Pending adoption! (with video)

EvaBella, the presa canario, will most likely be joining our family sometime the end of this month (just hazarding a guess, I'm not sure when she's coming). She's a two year old *****, spayed, and in possession of her Canine good citizen certificate, as well as roughly 85% of the course work to be a certified service dog. Presa's have had some bad press, but the majority are like AmStaff terriers-good family dogs, but when they make the news, it affects the whole breed. I really wanted a Corso, but hey-a good dog is a good dog, doesn't matter by what name they're called.

She's a dark brindle with cropped ears and a natural tail, and will be flying from Denver with her foster mama to hang at our house for a few days. She's had extensive professional training, so just like a horse that's well trained, I'm looking for a few 'driving' lessons so I don't undo anything. I'm hoping to finish her certification as a service dog, and maybe see if she'll consent to being a 4H dog for my son. Presa's are not easy dogs, they're very dominant, so that may not work too well.

It's not complete yet-they have to do a background check (since I'm a hardened criminal, I'm a little nervous there...) and call a few references, but other than that, it's almost certainly a go. (I've adopted several rescues in the past, and never been denied).

I'll put pics in my fotki as soon as I get them tomorrow. But for now, she's a youtube star with big brother Luca, a Cane Corso. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YTKO8TH1Z0

Can't wait to get her! Sometimes, all you have to do is wait and they find you-I joined a corso board to get more information about the breed, and found her within a week of joining.
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Oh, for petes sake. It starred out *****. I should have known, I guess. Context is lost on a computer.


Anyhow, SHE is definitely a SHE.
"It's a wonder God suffers so many fools, what with lightening so cheap"~Mark Twain

Lady Eklecktika Fidens of Caduceus
She's gorgeous!!! So is her brother!!

LOL looks like my family..brother nagging sister to play hahah!
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She's gorgeous!!! So is her brother!!
Originally Posted by Alexjoujou

I hope the rest of the process goes smoothly and that she joins you soon.

Can't wait to see pictures.
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Yay for a new FURBABY!!!!!!!!!
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Congratulations. Looks like a good addition to the family.
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Congrats!! I live far too lazy a lifestyle to have a dog like that, I will stick with my equally lazy sighthounds.
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