How do I use ApHogee 2 step treatment

So I read the instructions but was confused about how long I should leave it on. Do I leave it on until my hair dries?

Any other suggestions about using this? Thanks, Melanie
I used my hand dryer until my hair was completely dry before rinsing it out. Not sure about air drying.
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I think you want the heat from the hair dryer! It says to use it under a hood or a hair dryer.

If you have very long hair, and you're gonna jump into the shower at one point, make sure you take your shirt off BEFORE you make it like a helmet heh. My hair is so short it doesn't make a difference for me. I can remove my shirt without agitating my hair.
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DEFINITELY use a hood.

I have short hair (like a couple inches above my shoulders), and I thought I could just let it air dry-yeah, after 6 hours, I thought to heck with this.
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Thank you everyone! I think the protein brought back my curls! Yay!

I did a blog post on this last fall with some detailed instructions. Hope it's helpful
Originally Posted by Laura Lee
Laura this blog is wonderful!! Thank you so much for referring me to it. It was so helpful!

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