Hello everyone!

My cable & internet have been down the past 2 weeks due the back-to-back blizzards we've gotten in the mid-atlantic. I've been going through nc.com withdrawal.

My hair has probably taken some abuse from the cold and sunlight during hours of shoveling everyday for the past week. Every year we talk about getting a snow blower but we usually only get a few inches at a time. (sigh...if only I had known..)

This area is not equipped for this much snow. My neighborhood was finally plowed yesterday and I'm actually styling my hair today and hoping to get out of the house later!

I'm trying to catch up again. I've used up most of my conditioners this week and I think I deserve to buy some more! It looks like everyone is loving Spiral Solutions and Curl Junkie right now. I may take a trip out to Ulta later. Does anyone have any other suggestions?