Need some advice!

So, I know that no-one can tell me what I should or shouldn't do. I more just want to know if I'm completely stupid or not, lol.

I ordered 5 samples from kathymack a month or so ago, and after using them I decided I didn't like a couple of the products right away, and the other 3 I didn't have enough of to really experiment with because my hair's kinda a pain in the butt!

So now that I've looked into more products I'm really tempted to just buy the products instead of trying the samples first.

Is this a stupid idea before I even know what my hair does/doesn't like ingredient wise... or is it not such a bad idea when I seem to need to do a lot of experimenting before I can tell if something's going to work or not?

I know I could just order double or triple samples so I have enough to try out but, well... some of this has to do with my impatience too, and that's gonna add time to finally ordering some products.

As I said, I would just really appreciate someone telling me either a) I'd be stupid to not try the samples first or b) that it's not all that stupid to just splurge for once and risk buying something that won't work for me! If it was just one or two products I wanted to buy, I wouldn't be thinking about it this much, but as I'm looking at 5 or 6 I'm a bit more apprehensive about it. With spare cash to spend and an overabundence of impatience, I can't trust myself to be sensible
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You could always swap the products if you don't like them?
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I'll go ahead and admit that I always buy full sizes right away and forgo the sampling portion of the experiment, haha. So I definitely don't think it would be stupid not to try the samples.

Personally, I don't really like shopping online too often because I'm in Canada and shipping costs can be nuts. I buy mostly on-ground products. Because of the aforementioned nuts shipping costs, I don't swap either, because I wouldn't be saving any money! I just go ahead and use up the product and not buy it again. My hair doesn't really *hate* anything that I've noticed, so I can get just about anything used up.

Swapping may be an option for you if you live where postage is cheaper, though. And I'm a big fan of "why not?" Hehe.

(Sorry if I'm being an evil enabler! )
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Testing too many products to list!

I rarely buy samples, especially if the product is under $20 for the full-size. For the most part, I need to experiment a lot to figure out how to use a product, or how much I need in my hair.

Plus, you can always swap!
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I purchase samples when I can, otherwise I buy the full size, especially if the ingredients look good. It's really nice to be able to swap products on here when they don't work out for you.
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D'oh, I didn't even thinking about swapping! That's an excellent point.

(Sorry if I'm being an evil enabler! )
Originally Posted by rinni
Haha, don't be! I'm the exact same way if anyone I know is debating buying something!

I think I'll just go for it. I've had the spare money for months now and bought absolutely nothing, so I might as well treat myself! I just won't tell my husband yet; he's the one who originally put the doubt in my head when I mentioned how much I was spending and he thought it was way too much. I should have known better than to listen to him

Thank you so much for the replies. Eek! I'm so excited to order!
CG since 11/24/09
2-something! F-Mii, Med porosity

Currently trying -
Co-wash : V05 Free Me Freesia
Rinse-out : Garnier Triple Nutrition
LI : Garnier Sleek and Shine
HETT mousse and gel

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