Hey guys, I'm confused about my hair type. It's SUUUUper coily and the coils are uniform around most of my head (at my hair's healthiest state), with looser coils in the front of my head. My coils are very tight, and have the circumference of the stick of a candy sucker. If you've ever seen the little springy coil that it inside of a ballpoint click-pen, my strands resemble that! Teeny tiny. The strands themselves are fine, and clump pretty well on their own, but don't look defined (except for the ends) from afar.

Single-strand (w/single-strand knot included )


Separated & defined

Wash n Go

I have a hard time finding people with hair texture similar to mine, and I get super excited when I do =) so please let me know if you think you're strands are similar to mine!