Thanks so much for the tips my hair at the moment is hating me cuz I used a defuser 3days in a row (never again ) my hair is so dry no matter what I put in it I've tries morrocan treatments coconut oil avo oil olive oil ahh it's just a nightmare but any who along with trying to fix my hair I went down to the chemist a purchased some daktarin because of the miconazole nitrate 2% in it I'm not sure on how to use it exactly I tried to read up as best as I could on the long hair are comunity I put it on my scalp after a cowash shower not mixt and I felt no tingling like I'd heard it would does that mean it isn't working? Also the women said to leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning so I'm going to wash it out soon but how do you find it works with a cgm routine?