Hi Aussie girl.

What type of curls do u have?

I used to relax my hair & my hair was much longer because I have tight curls & relaxing them effectively stretched them out. Now I'm back to natural & CG.

I bought recently bought some bobeam shampoo bars on etsy & have had good results (in terms of growth) using one bar called herbal roots (I think). I def recommend them tho. You can do a search here and read loads of good reviews/testimonials etc . I don't live in the US but she still sent it out to me.

I was wondering - what kinda products can you get in oz? I was there last year & saw a whole section dedicated to curly hair in Priceline. They had a few ellucence products - gels, conditioner as well as relaxers like optimum etc. I was wondering If you've tried ellucence before.