Well I think I have 3a curls I have been straightening my hair since I was 13 with an iron but for the past year I have been only straightening once a month or every 2 months if I can but since I have been wearing my hair curly more i have days were my curls are tighter than other days some days I have lots of little ringlets and other days my hair clump into bigger ringlets with some s patterns in it too so it vary's.
My hair needs Heeps of moisture also because it's blonde but I only colour with a supermarket colour every 4mnths I don't look very good with brown hair but I'm contemplating wether it would be just easier to dye it brown maybe it would be in better condition? I am currently using a shampoo and conditioner called sukin from an organic store it has no silicones or sulfates no parabins and it's got tons and tons of oils in it jojoba,avo,coconut,rosemary and the list goes on and on lol I leave in the conditioner and only shampoo once a week my hair was doing great till I put a defuser on it I got a bit over zealous because I've never owne one before I've always just air dryed it after blotting with a microfiber towel.
Don't know how To upload a pic because I am using my iPhone and I don't know what it means to enter the pics URL lol in not very tech savvy