The supermarkets here are awfull if you have curly hair I've noticed you guys get ranges for curly hair in products like Pantene and herbal essences and vo5 ect all products we have here but they don't stock the curly ones you guys have even aldi doesn't stock the ones here you guys have it's horrible it's like product developers just automatically think everyone in Australia has just straight hair ��and I'm so fed up with straight haired hairdressers and retail sellers telling me I have to have silicones in my products because it's the only thing that makes your hair shiney and soft not to mention looking at me like I'm some dirty hippy lol I mean I was in the hair industry and worked in salons I think there is a place in the market for all types of products but thy don't seem to cater for curly hair or train their staff about curly hair or sell products made by someone with curly hair that knows what curls need it's so frustrating